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July 31, 2013 updated the U.S. Education & Enrollment Outlook Report in order to provide those in the agriculture and food industries with the information needed to reach out to students.

The first U.S. Education & Enrollment Outlook Report was released in 2010 and has been updated in 2013 to include the most up-to-date data on enrollment, careers, and compensation in agriculture. The purpose of the report is to gauge the awareness, availability, and perceptions of graduates and careers within the agriculture, food, and natural resource sciences. This report includes; enrollment data of associate and baccalaureate degrees in the agricultural field from the past five years, a look at what employment opportunities are available for those graduates, and a salary outlook for internship and entry level positions in the agriculture career clusters.

Download your free copy by clicking on the following link:  U.S. Education & Enrollment Outlook Report

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