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February 27, 2013 has added new members to our team and promoted several employees recently.
In October of 2012 welcomed Shannon Fawns to the team as the Canadian Account Manager.  Shannon is responsible for job board and employer partnerships in Canada. Shannon graduated from the University of Guelph, with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree, with a major in Agroecosystems Management. Shannon’s most recent position was held with Agricorp in Guelph.
Anita Ropp joined as an Office Assistant in October of 2012.  Before joining, Anita worked for the North Carolina State Government in various roles for 17 years, and was also a GIS technician, crop insurance agent and tax preparer.
In December, Cynthia Cole started with as the Western U.S. Account Manager working in the Bakersfield, California office. Cynthia works with all employer clients in Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington. She was previously owner and executive recruiter for Foremost Find. Cynthia holds a B.S. in Accountancy from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and an M.B.A. from the University of Phoenix.
Susannah Morehead rejoined the team in January as an HR Services Associate after interning with last summer. Susannah is working on various client survey projects, market research, data management and the Compensation Benchmark Review.   Susannah graduated in December from NC State University with her Master’s in Animal Science. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science, concentration in Industry, with a Minor in Agricultural Business Management. 
Beth Hales has assumed the role of Director of Sales for North America. Beth is leading the job board sales team, which includes Meaghan Holley (Upper Midwest US), Shannon Fawns (Canada), Tara Williamson (Central US), Lauren Vann (Eastern US), and Cynthia Cole (Western US).
Kathryn Doan assumed the Director of Global Business Development & Technology position in February. In this refined role, Kathryn will lead our efforts in key geographic market development, digital marketing strategy, product development, and technology.
In addition, Erika Osmundson is now Director of Marketing/Communications and Ashley Collins is now the Education/Marketing Manager.  Mary Barefoot has assumed the Director of HR Services position. Contacts
Kathryn Doan
Director of Global Business Development & Technology

phone: 877.438.5729 x. 5191
Erika Osmundson
Director of Marketing/Communications

phone: 1.800.672.8552 x.28
Mary Barefoot                                        
Director of HR Services                 
phone: 1.800.929.8975 x. 5002         
Ashley Collins 
Education/Marketing Manager
phone: 1.800.929.8975 x. 5100
Beth Hales 
Director of Sales 
phone: 1.800.929.8975 x. 5003 
Lauren Vann
Sales Support Coordinator, Eastern US
phone:1.800.929.8975 x. 5005                           
Tara Williamson
Sales Support Coordinator, Central US                          
phone: 800.929.8975 x. 5004
Mandy Belaen
HR Services Manager
phone: 1.800.929.8975 x. 7000
Carolyn Lee
Relationship Coordinator, Canada & Northern US
phone: 800.929.8975 x. 7001
Charlotte Smith
Executive Assistant
phone: 800.929.8975 Ext. 5001
Meaghan Holley
Sales Support & Social Media Coordinator
phone: 800.929.8975 Ext. 7002
Bonnie Johnson
Marketing Associate
phone: 800.672.8552 x.30
Shannon Fawns
Canadian Accounts Manager
1-877-438-5729 X204
Susannah Morehead
HR Services Associate
1-800-929-8975 x5006
Ben Spicer
Australia and New Zealand
Account Manager
phone: 0438 737 396
Cynthia Cole
Western US Account Manager
1-800-929-8975 X5200

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