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Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Wins World Ag Expo Video Challenge
March 12, 2012 is excited to announce that California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo is the winner of the 2012 World Ag Expo Video Challenge. 
The World Ag Expo was held in Tulare, California February 14-16th, 2012. During the event, commissioned student organizations from different universities to create a video about career opportunities within the agriculture industry. Students spent three days interviewing various company and industry representatives about the current state of careers and what young people should think about when considering employment in the agriculture industry. 
Each school was given two weeks to edit their material into the finished product. The videos were then judged by to select a winner. The submissions can be viewed online at the YouTube channel ( 
The Cal Poly San Luis Obispo winning team included Stephanie Goeb, Chloe Smith and Christine Woodman, students from the Agricultural Education and Communication Department. “Students in our department take a digital presentation class, and this team was able to complete the World Ag Expo video project as part of that class,” said Dr. Robert Flores, Professor. 
The team’s favorite part of the process was getting to meet so many people from the full spectrum of agriculture industry areas. Woodman shared, “As a team we learned a lot about video editing and the process that goes into making a quality video. We also learned a little bit about perseverance. We weren't very experienced with the equipment we were using so there was a huge learning curve involved, and some serious complications to overcome along the way including not being able to retrieve a large section of video from the camera and losing the entire completed video the first time around. Luckily we pulled together as a team and did it over again!”
The winning Cal Poly San Luis Obispo team received $500 from The money will be used to help with the operating costs of their student work room to replace some of the things that have worn out or broken over the years. “All of the Ag Education and Ag Communications majors use the room on a daily basis to complete assignments, work on projects, and collaborate on agriculture issues so the money will benefit all of the students in the department,” added Woodman.
“Our goal is to create enjoyable videos for young people to get them excited about careers in agriculture and provide them with additional knowledge on what to expect in our industry,” said Ashley Collins, Education and Marketing Specialist with  “What better way to do that than to learn from a student perspective.  We will continue this project at other specific industry events and broaden our library of educational clips for students on the YouTube channel,” added Collins.

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