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Upcoming Webinar: Maximizing your Employee’s Performance
January 31, 2012

Upcoming Webinar: Maximizing your Employee’s Performance kicks off their 2012 Webinar series on February 24th at 11 a.m. EST with “Maximizing your Employee’s Performance.”
Keeping employees motivated can be a challenge, and even more so given the financial challenges facing many industries. Utilizing a strategic performance evaluation process and providing timely feedback are a crucial component for motivation among staff. From this webinar, participants will take away ideas that managers can implement to motivate their employees, from compensation to job design and interpersonal interactions to performance evaluations. 
Dr. Sara Mann, University of Guelph, will focus discussions on the value of conducting performance appraisals and how to do so effectively avoiding many of the major pitfalls. As we begin the New Year, make a resolution to learn or refresh on the value and how to create open continuous feedback throughout the organization.
From this webinar, participants will learn what a manager can do to motivate employees, how to fairly conduct performance appraisals and their major pitfalls, and why the focus should be on continuous feedback and coaching rather than a single performance appraisal. 
This webinar is designed for those that are new to managing people or those that need a refresher course on performance appraisal/evaluation best practices. This session is also good for human resource professionals or senior leaders directing staff on proper performance appraisal processes within their business.
To register, simply click here or visit the Conferences/Workshops/Events tab at   Registration is $189 per participant, however if you have more than one person participating in the same location they can gather in a central spot and connect via one phone line and one web connection in order to participate. You can also view the entire 2012 Webinar Series schedule on the site. 

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