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Advanced Search Announces New Electronic Portfolio Tool
December 15, 2011

While research we’ve conducted at shows that employers prefer to see resumes, cover letters and other supporting documentation customized to match the employer’s need and job description, an available portfolio can be a determining factor during the initial screening process. Additionally, more and more employers are proactively seeking candidates by conducting online searching, utilizing resume databases, social media and other avenues. Having an electronic portfolio published on the web or included in your social media profiles could result in your next employer finding you!

In the nearly 15 years that has been in existence we have continued to identify sources and tools to help our job seekers be successful in their job search. That led us to a recent partnership with Dr. Mark Bender from the Central Valley Consortium for Agricultural Education Tech Prep Program (CVCAETP) to offer an e-Portfolio template on for our users. Dr. Bender along with a team of individuals developed this template and has been making it available for both students and professionals since 1998. "The e-Portfolio can make the difference through the interview process and eventually landing that great career. It is easy to create, update, and is so flexible that it truly reflects each individual's qualifications and experiences, exactly what employers are looking for," shared Bender.

On the site, via the continued education tab our users will find the e-Portfolio information along with an overview/instructional document and the option to develop a post-secondary (current students) portfolio or one for professionals that have been working for three plus years. Both documents are in Word format and can be downloaded from to your computer for editing and customizing. Additionally each includes internal links to examples of the types of documents you’ll include in your completed portfolio. As outlined in the overview instructions each portfolio contains text for explanatory purposes that should be removed from the final document…this text is differentiated in blue for easy cleanup.

“This is not only a great resource for job seekers who want to develop a tool to help set them apart in the job search process, but also for educators who want to incorporate developing portfolios into their secondary and post secondary curriculum,” stated Ashley Collins, Education Coordinator with As a faculty member and current chair of for Agricultural Students at California State University, Stanislaus, Dr. Bender can also provide PowerPoint presentations and more formalized instruction for the e-Portfolio tool. His contact information for this material can be found on the e-Portfolio introduction page.

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