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Michigan State University wins Poultry Video Challenge
February 22, 2011 is excited to announce that the Michigan State University Avian Science Club is the winner of the 2011 Careers in Poultry Video Challenge. 
The 63rd annual International Poultry Expo and International Feed Expo was held in Atlanta, Georgia January 26-28th, 2011. During the event, commissioned three student organizations to create a video about career opportunities within the poultry industry. Students from Auburn, Michigan State and Penn State spent three days interviewing various company and industry representatives about the current state of poultry-related careers and what young people should think about when considering employment in agriculture and the poultry industry. 
Each school was provided a flip camera to use during their time at Expo and given two weeks to edit their material into the finished product. The videos were then judged by to select a winner. All three submissions can be viewed online at the YouTube channel ( 

Joe Ankley, a member of the Michigan State Avian Science club, shared, “The experience provided our club members with a vehicle for networking with different company representatives, and the experience taught us a lot about the different careers and opportunities that are available in relation to poultry science.”     

The winning school receives $500 from Michigan State students shared that they plan to use the funds to help with educational programs their club host in the East Lansing area to teach others about avian science.  

“We wanted to create enjoyable videos for young people to get them excited about careers in agriculture and provide them with more knowledge on what to expect in our industry,” said Ashley Collins, Education Coordinator with  “What better way to do that than to learn from a student perspective.  We hope to continue this project at other specific industry events and create a library of educational clips for students,” added Collins.

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