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Exciting workshop in Melbourne on organic value-adding on Thursday, April 22.
April 13, 2010
Biological Farmers of Australia

Discover organic value- adding- the fastest growth sector
within the fastes growth industry in Australia



Australian Certified Organic (ACO) will present a workshop in Melbourne on organic 
value-adding on Thursday, April 22.
ACO Managing Director Akiko Nicholls says that
the day will provide information invaluable for both currently certified operators and
those with an interest in organics. “The workshop will provide important information on 
innovations in preserving foods and cosmetic products for meeting safety and organic 
standards, national and international,” Ms Nicholls said.
As one of the fastest growth 
sectors in the agricultural industry, research group IBISWorld has recently forecast that 
the organic industry will have the fastest growth across all industries in Australia, second
only to the sugar industry.


Standards Convenor for ACO’s parent company the Biological Farmers of Australia, Dr Andrew 
Monk, says there is still a need for more players to fill the gaps on retail shelves providing 
organic alternatives to conventional foods.
“The demand for Australian organic processed products
in many cases exceeds supply which currently is leading to a significant number of imported 
products entering the market,” Dr Monk said.
As a result there is the opportunity for Australian 
businesses to enter this space however operators are advised to do their market research into their
sector of the market before investing. “The same demand is being seen overseas which has 
led to Australian organic processed products becoming the sector with the largest amount 
of exported goods, exceeding the volume of organic beef and wine exports,” he said.
are looking for healthy, convenient organic alternatives to the foods they eat every day.” 
According to BFA, food labelling is not<


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