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Advanced Search Launches New Economical HR Training Tool
July 08, 2009, the leading supplier of human resource services to the agriculture industry, has launched an electronic library to provide an economical training tool for human resources professionals and job seekers.
The E- Library contains brief video tutorials available via the web for only$50 a session. These sessions are short and can be accessed 24/7.  Users can view the audio and video content right from their computers anywhere Internet access is available. HR Services Manager Melinda Hood said on-going human resources training and education is what helps create employers of choice. Employers should take advantage of what the E-learning library has to offer.
“Employers need to continue employee and manager development in order to attract top talent and develop the current talent within their organizations,” Hood said. “We know training budgets are easily affected by the current economic situation but a resource such as our E-Library becomes an efficient training tool that can supply high impact to its users.”
The sessions currently available in the E-Library include the following topics: Generational Differences in the Workplace, On-campus Recruiting, Developing an Effective Internship Program, Recruiting Professionals, Effective On-Boarding Programs, Retaining Top Employees, Performance Management Best Practices, and Managing through Career Displacement. plans to continuously add valuable sessions on additional topics. Hood said the E-Library is a great resource to supplement current in-person training, as well as to provide a cost effective enhancement to a remote workforce.
There is currently a free session titled “Recruiting Outlook” that will address the outlook for recruitment in agriculture and the need for proactive recruitment and retention strategies. Employers can also take advantage of the summer special which includes access to an E-Learning clip with the purchase of two job postings.
Visit and select E-Learning from the menu on the right to view the free session and explore the E-Learning Library. For more information about the E-Learning Library, please contact Melinda Hood, at  

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