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June 08, 2009
by Cynthia Hoffman,

Job Seekers, Employers Value Top Agriculture Career Website

Many job seekers and employers are weary of the current economic situation, but users can rest easy knowing they are making valuable connections using the leading career Web site for the agriculture industry. reported an increase in the number of U.S. jobs posted and applications received in the first quarter of 2009 compared to the first quarter of 2008.

“There was a 6.3 percent increase in the number of jobs posted, and a 54.9 percent increase in the number of applications submitted compared to the first quarter of 2008,” said Eric Spell, president of 

The large increase in applications isn’t surprising since the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an 8.5 percent national unemployment rate in March. While the increase in the amount of jobs is not as high, Spell said the growth is encouraging when other industries like manufacturing, construction, and retail are experiencing mass layoffs. 

“The global demand for food has helped the agriculture industry remain vibrant,” Spell said. “This is our time to stand out as an industry and continue to offer quality positions. During this time, both employers and those seeking employment should consider transferable skills – skills or work experience that can be easily applied in a different industry.” 

The farm equipment sector is an area where transferable skills can be applied. With the recent closure of automotive dealerships, many service technicians, mechanics, and parts managers have lost their jobs. Spell points out that the farm equipment sector not only has similar positions, but also has a high demand. 

Spell said will do its part by continuing to offer an efficient and economical online tool to successfully connect quality applicants with employers. 

J.R. Simplot, one of the largest privately held food and agribusiness companies in the world, has made several “successful connections” by using as a recruitment tool. Simplot Recruiter Nate McClure said the company utilizes because it is pleased with the applicants it receives. 

“This job board fits well with the niche candidates we seek, and it’s easy to use,” McClure said. “ has a user-friendly navigation system, and it’s simple to search through the resume database.” 

Simplicity seems to be a quality that both employers and job seekers appreciate - especially in this complicated economy. As the national unemployment rate increased to 8.9 percent in April, people are looking for an easy resource to assist with their job search. 

“Job seekers like using because it has a variety of jobs from quality employers, and it’s simple to use,” said Jim Jansen, a senior in agribusiness and agricultural and natural resources economic


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