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Go Beyond the Borders
June 04, 2009
Ashley Collins, believes that students have numerous opportunities to build powerful career portfolios throughout their higher education experiences. One of these opportunities is traveling abroad. The life lessons learned while students are visiting other countries are valuable for personal growth, as well as preparation for future career opportunities. 
“As we see our population growing larger, more and more companies are looking beyond our borders for resources to grow and produce food, fiber, and fuel,” said Eric Spell, president of “This adds to the need for graduates who have first-hand knowledge of agricultural practices abroad, as agribusiness can be easily observed at various levels in all countries.”
Traveling abroad can present challenges for many students including: fear of traveling, the possibility of getting behind in their graduation schedule, and the lack of funds. To help offset the financial constraints; has developed the Agribusiness Beyond the Borders Scholarship program.
“At we see the importance of investing in the students who are willing to step outside their comfort zone and take advantage of work experiences abroad,” says Ashley Collins Education Coordinator with 
The program provides three $1,000 scholarships for students currently studying in North America who are embarking on a study abroad experience. One scholarship is awarded to a student each term (fall, spring and summer) to be used for their study abroad trip in the following term.
Since the launch of the Agribusiness Beyond the Borders Scholarship Program in early 2009, AgCareers has had to opportunity to assist two students with trips to other countries. Matthew Groen, a rising junior at the University of Guelph majoring in Animal Science, traveled to Costa Rica for ten days during the Spring of 2009. 
"I choose to go to Costa Rica to learn more about alternative agricultural practices,” Groen said. “In Costa Rica, I got to experience and learn a lot about organic production of coffee and many other fruits that we consume on a daily basis.”
He said the experience taught him how organic production practices affect not only his health, but the entire economy of developing countries.

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