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Advanced Search Web Seminar to Address Integratating Hispanic Talent in the Workplace
April 22, 2009



Sustainable Strategies to Integrate Hispanic Talent into Your Workplace


Date: May 8, 2009
Time: 11:00 am (EST); 10:00 am (CST); 9:00 am (MST) and 8:00 am (PST)
Location: Web Seminar
Guest Presenter: Orlando Gil - Owner Training Connections Translation Services

We all understand the challenges when it comes to employing Hispanic talent within our organizations. This brief web session will go beyond reviewing the basic challenges and share with you ideas on how to embrace and use these challenges to the advantage of your organization to positively impact results. We will quickly review an update of Hispanic population currently and evolving within the agribusiness workforce, as well as the differing needs of first and second generation Hispanics. Learn tips on how to evoke results through the stages of a Hispanic employee's life cycle that may differ from traditional employees. Our presenter will share thoughts on recruiting Hispanic talent, effective training schemes, retention programs, how to integrate and assimilate Hispanic talent into your workplace culture and much more. From this web session, take away workable ideas on how to bridge gaps and develop strategies to develop Hispanic talent into the future leaders of your organizations.  

This workshop is intended for agribusiness organizations that look to hire Hispanic talent with a focus on, but not limited to production agriculture. Information provided will be suitable and applicable for human resource professionals, managers, and business owners. Attendees will learn:

  • Understand the Hispanic population in the agribusiness workforce and the differing needs and challenges of first and second generation Hispanics 
  • Capitalize on the benefits Hispanic employees bring to an organization and how employers can foster an inclusive atmosphere to develop the abilities of this talent group 
  • Practical ideas from hiring to firing of Hispanic talent that will help organizations gain the most potential from their Hispanic employees 
  • Overcome differences between traditional and Hispanic talent, such as language barriers, cultural and sub-cultural differences, education levels, etc.
  • Tools needed to successfully integrate and eventually assimilate Hispanic employees into any organization 

The cost per organization is just $189

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