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On-Campus Branding through the 2009 Agribusiness Employer Guide
March 09, 2009

Most campus recruiting is coming to an end for this school year and we are preparing for our interns and new-hires to arrive. While campus branding is fresh on your mind, would like to bring to your attention that we will soon be opening advertising opportunities in the 2009 US and Canadian Agribusiness Employer Guides. It isn’t too late to get started – click here to receive more information. You’ll want to make sure not to miss this great opportunity to get your company and opportunities in front of college and university students throughout North America.

The Agribusiness Employer Guide is a supplemental piece to AgriMarketing magazine and was developed to be a resource guide for students to compare businesses within the agriculture industry and their opportunities for internships and employment. Each employer advertiser receives a full-page, four color advertorial where they can describe the benefits and types of opportunities that their organization has. See below for a full list of advertisers in 2008.

The piece also contains a variety of helpful articles to help add shelf-life to the piece, and truly help the piece act as a guide for students as they go about their career search. Example articles from last year’s guides included: ‘Benefits of an Internship’; ‘Getting Involved On Campus’; and ‘It’s Your Turn to Ask Questions’. has worked on the Employer Guide with AgriMarketing for the last two years and plans to continue to expand the piece in 2009. More than 20,000 students received a hard copy of the 2008 edition and even more students and industry professionals were able to view both Employer Guides through the electronic version. distributes hard copies in bulk to over 100 agriculture-focused university and college career services offices as well as at many other industry events that team members attend. Each advertising employer receives 100 hard copies of the guide to distribute at career fairs and other events as they wish. Last year, two editions of the Employer Guide were completed -- one for the US and one for Canada. Targeting our audiences, allowed us to tailor content and advertisers more specifically and reach our audience with greater impact. While visiting campuses this past fall and spring, many students mentioned seeing or looking through the guide to learn more about companies.

As we mentioned, a new round of campus recruiting is a ways out and the distribution of the Employer Guide is too – the guides are released in September 2009. However, we have had great interest in advertising in the 2009 Employer Guide and as we limit advertising space, we want to make our clients aware of the next steps and ensure that we include you on our potential advertisers list if you have interest.

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