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March 12, 2009

As the leading online job board for agriculture, food, biotechnology, and natural resources, wants to share some industry insight reflected by our job board statistics. Recently, conducted an analysis of the activity on the site and developed the 2008 Agribusiness Job Report. The report provides the trends we are noticing and hearing about from our clients. Statistics and information are based on analysis of jobs posted on over the past year. Below are a few highlights from the 2008 analysis. Information on how to receive a FREE full copy is also provided.

Highlights from the 2008 Agribusiness Job Report:

  • There were approximately 30,000 total job postings in the US and Canada
  • The North American region with the most jobs posted was the Midwest region of the United States with more than 18,000 jobs postings in 2008. Jobs posted range in industry types, such as agronomy, crop protection, management, etc., which appeal to a large audience of job seekers. The variety of career types is another contributor to our large number of job seekers.
  • Jobs posted require an array of education levels proving that is not just for college graduates, but professionals with experience too.
  • Eighty-five percent of job seekers on have a bachelors degree or higher and approximately half of job seekers have more than three years of experience.
  • Job posting activity increases in the months of June and October. Job views are typically at their highest during these two months. There is also an increased number of job views following the distribution of our weekly electronic newsletter.

Companies and job seekers visit throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and currently, is expanding into Europe. There has been an overall increase in the total number of jobs posted and the total number of job views from 2007 to 2008. In 2008, the average number of job views per month was 11,368. This is an increase of more than 750 job views per month compared to 2007. The monthly average of jobs posted in 2008 by companies was 2,465 jobs. That is also an increase over last year with more than 700 additional jobs posted each month. Looking into 2009, January continued to have more than 13,300 job views and 2,500 jobs posted, which is consistent with 2008.

The figure below shows the increase of jobs posted in 2008, compared to 2007. The highest amount of jobs posted on is in the months of October and June. However, all months had a significant increase of jobs posted, which is good to see as we head into 2009.

The 2008 Agribusiness Job Reports goes into more depth about the types of jobs posted, and the amount of traffic the postings generated. This information can be used when considering budgets and projected salary increases in agriculture, as well as the climate changes within the workforce. For a FREE copy of the full 2008 Agribusiness Job Report, please CLICK HERE

In 2008, there have been many positive contributions to the agricultural industry. Through economical struggles, agriculture seems to pull through. For the time being, employment within the industry holds steady. Companies are continuing to post jobs, and more and more candidates are looking to for their employment opportunities!

CLICK HERE to download the 2008 Agribusiness Job Report

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