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September 14, 2008 would like to welcome our 11 new Campus Ambassadors. Throughout this semester these 11 final year students will be helping engage with the nation’s newest Agribusiness professional.
From conducting presentation before lectures to meeting with campus clubs and handing out giveaways our Campus Ambassadors have been busy promoting as a leading online careers site for Agribusiness in Australia.
The 11 Campus Ambassadors stem from 10 different universities which are scattered across Australia. The universities these students represent all have strong Agricultural Degree Programs and many also have great Science programs.
These 11 campus ambassadors are all passionate about encouraging students and graduates to enter into careers within the Agricultural Industry. With great candidates becoming increasing hard to find it is critical that students and graduates are well informed about the vast range of employment opportunities available to them. Within the short time our 11 Ambassadors have been helping they have already managed to significantly increase the number of
students and graduates receiving the e-newsletter and increased awareness of and employment opportunities within the Agricultural Industry as a whole.
For more information about the Campus Ambassador Program contact Katrine Sear via phone 1300 738 322 or email

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