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Understanding Employees
February 01, 2008

Understand employees – As Featured in Dairy Herd Management
By Dairy Herd staff (Monday, January 14, 2008)

Creating a work environment where employees can thrive and want to stay takes both management and leadership, says Eric Spell, vice president of In order to do that successfully, he recommends that you keep the following in mind:
·       When the ship is sinking, the best swimmers always jump off first.
·       Create a positive work environment — people leave managers, not jobs.
·       Offer people careers rather than jobs.
·       Help managers make work challenging, not just more of the same.
·       Look at current organizational policies and practices from the employees’ standpoint.
·       Coach and mentor your staff.
·       Pay attention to work-life balance issues — they are not the same across the board.
·       Be seen in the community as a great place to work.
·       Be careful that your retention strategies don’t keep people that you don’t want to retain.

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