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Advanced Search Reveals Top 10 Trends For Strategic HR Planning Within Agribusiness
November 11, 2007

Clinton, NC – As an industry leader and information gatherer to the agribusiness industry, has identified ten trends that agribusiness employers should consider when developing strategic human resource plans for 2008.  Over 40 agribusiness organizations joined for a free web seminar on November 6th as these trends were revealed.

With tidbits from the AGRIBUSINESS HR REPORT™, information was consolidated for both our Canadian and United States audience in a variety of industry sectors.  In the top ten trends, information on methods of attracting employees; incentive schemes; ‘time to fill’; and retirement trends were covered.

For example, online job boards like, definitely stood out among the list of methods for recruiting employees.  According to recent statistics, the number of employers posting on the website has increased by 33% since last year.  Another recruitment method that ranked highly was employee referral programs.

“If you have not considered an employee referral program previously, it is a fairly simple plan or program to implements within an organization depending upon the size and scope of the plan,” said seminar moderator, Melinda Mullenix, Human Resource Services Manager for

Another interesting trend that dealt as it related to salary information shared in the trends seminar included the varying incentive schemes that agribusiness employers offer.  More than 80% of the employers that participated in the AGRIBUSINESS HR REVIEW REPORT and/or COMPENSATION BENCHMARK REVIEW™ compensate individuals beyond base pay.

“Good job,” said Julie LeSueur, CPS Senior Recruiter.  “Helpful information and well worth my time this morning!”

To get this helpful information for your organization, the 2007 Agribusiness HR Review Report, both US and Canadian, are available to purchase for $295.  To purchase or for more information contact Mary Barefoot at by phone: 800.929.8975 or e-mail:

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