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Minnesota Pork Producers Enhance Learning to Manage People
July 12, 2007

(Mankato, MN) - I Love my Job –It’s the People Who Drive me Crazy….From Hire to Fire………Discipline as a Management Strength.
These were the three main topics that were covered at the Managing People in Pork Production:  An Employee Management Conference for Swine Managers and Owner.  The president of Eric Spell was one of the key speakers who presented to managers in Mankato, Minnesota addressing issues within the process of hiring to firing on June 26, 2007.  Also speaking were John Behrends from Behrends Educational Systems and Bernie Erven from Ohio State University addressing issues of how to communicate, understand and motivate your production team members.  Managing people within the swine sector or any agriculture sector is difficult.  Swine producers in Minnesota recognize it is necessary to equip their team leaders and swine managers with the necessary skills to help them manage their employees
As the war on talent continues to be a topic of interest throughout the swine sector, Eric Spell questioned the participants and organizations as to what they are doing to attract young adults in the swine industry.  Eric pointed out that it is important for organizations to be involved within the community; be well aware of who key influencers are in the community such as guidance counselors, high school teachers, and youth organizations to make sure these people are aware of the opportunities available at swine production facilities.  While attracting talent is only part of the process, Eric discussed key strategies that are important for retaining talent such as on-boarding plans, incentives, internship programs and performance improvement plans. 
The day concluded with more detailed concurrent sessions from the speakers discussing their topics in more detail. client Jan Radke from South Central Management Services said “I was delighted by the quality of speakers and the different perspectives that were presented throughout the day!”

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