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What People are saying about's Get in the 'Hot Seat' Workshop
April 10, 2007

As strives to be the leading career site serving the needs of the agriculture, food, natural resources and biotechnology, we also pride ourselves as an educational resource for both employers and jobseekers.   New in 2007, has launched a workshop for professionals who are actively seeking employment or considering a career move.  As a 'Professional Series' the workshop highlights tips that are important to those that have had previous full-time employment experience.
The workshop is presented via the web and covers material from finding job opportunities to effective resume writing, and interviewing to proper follow-up and also features a resume critique by HR professionals. hosts the workshop in conjunction with hiring managers from a variety of companies in the industry who are partners of our website.  The first workshop was held in March with three to follow; one in June, September and December.  Our first workshop was a huge success and we’d like to share with our users what people are saying about the Get in the ‘Hot Seat’ workshop. 

The information provided to jobseekers through the Get in the ‘Hot Seat’ is valuable insight especially in the ever changing world of recruiting and hiring.  This is a great opportunity for participants to learn helpful information that can give them an edge in the job search process.’ ~Jeff Walker – LESCO Inc, Workshop Presenter
‘Thanks for producing a very informative Get in the ‘Hot Seat’ web seminar.
Both presenters were very informative, this together with your knowledge of the resources available helped many "cold handed people" get nearer and hopefully sit in the HOT SEAT.
Look forward to other beneficial seminars in the future’ ~ Andy
‘Thank you for the workshop - it was great, and covered a variety of aspects in a short period of time. It was a great refresher for me and I learned some new tips about recruiters and negotiating salary.’  ~ Laura
‘Thanks for the webinar, it was quite good’ ~ David
‘The Hot Seat webinar was well done and provided good information. Much of it was similar to the information that I had received from the Career Transition Consultant that my previous employer had hired to direct me (and his handbook). I did find however, that having a small group, and the ability to take questions from the participants made the information much more valuable and pertinent. I found that the presenter’s background in recruiting and human resources was very helpful to the discussions.’ ~ Dave
‘The seminar was helpful and overall it was very well done.’ ~ Workshop Attendee  
If you are interested in signing up for a future Get in the ‘Hot Seat’ workshop visit our workshop page at this link for more information /workshops.cfm. Or email us at

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