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Advanced Search Launches Website in Australia and New Zealand
November 08, 2006 is excited to announce the launch of the website in Australia and New Zealand.  The recent expansion of the site will allow our current clients a number of rewards, from new products to an increased efficiency to source candidates, as well as a broader international focus for those that are interested. 
With the addition of servicing new countries, we have made a few enhancements to the site that we would like to take this opportunity to point out.  The modifications are subtle and were made to add to the service provides to our North American employers, Australian and New Zealand employers as well as job seekers globally.
When a visitor comes to, it will automatically recognize your location and direct you to the homepage for your region.  If this does not happen automatically or if you would like to browse various countries, you can easily select your region of preference by selecting your default country under the ‘Quick Search’, which is located under the main graphic in the top left-hand corner on the homepage.  This allows us to feature jobs, employers, advertisements, news, and events that are relevant specifically to each region. 
You will also notice a number of other additions to the homepage, such as the ‘Suite of Products’, which will give you quick access to the many additional products and services offers in each geographic area.
Another major component of the modifications made to the website is the enhanced job search map.  The new map allows us to feature jobs from specific regions and states as well as allows applicants to search more efficiently.
When employers post jobs on the site they can now categorize their jobs into certain sectors (agribusiness, production, government, etc.).  These basic categories were selected to give job seekers an easy way to break down the number of opportunities into a few broad sectors.  Also, within the job posting section, employers will select the country that they would like the job posting to be listed in, then the region and then state/province.  If you would like your posting to appear in multiple states you can select that it is posted by region by leaving the state/province selection as ‘all’.  You will also continue to have the opportunity to post jobs nationwide if you choose. 
Along this same line, employers have the opportunity to select where you want to allow applicants from.  With the addition of new countries using the site, we want to ensure employers receive applicants who are eligible to work in the geographic area specified. To do so, you will be able to select which country’s homepage that you’d like for your posting to appear on. 
One other additional enhancement for the employer is the automated response feature to the applicant.  This feature allows you to develop a message that can be customized by contact/posting in your account that will automatically be sent to applicants as their resumes are received.  Applicants often contact us to see if their resume has been received.  This tool gives employers an easy way to ensure job seekers that their resume has been received without a lot of extra work on the employer’s part.
For the applicants, a number of the new site additions were mentioned above, but those that specifically relate to using the site to search for job opportunities or posting resumes can be found below.  We have featured the ‘Advanced Job Search’ on the homepage.  This will allow job seekers to put in multipl

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