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September 12, 2006 to host an employer branding workshop, ‘Become the Employer of Choice – Enhance Your Employer Brand’, October 25 – 26, 2006 in London, Ontario, Canada.

“As a country, the rising pool of talent within Canada will not meet the labor demands of our retiring workforce,” said Kathryn Doan, “The war for talent among all industries will become fiercer, especially within the agriculture industry. We will not only be competing with other agribusiness companies, but with outside industries with more recruiting resources.”

This workshop, presented by Jim Welch, founder of The Growth Leader, Inc. and recent Chief Marketing Officer for Hallmark, brings an outside perspective on how the agriculture industry can attract the best and brightest talent to agribusiness through effective employer branding. The workshop will explore the components of effective employer branding; how to determine your current employer brand; tips to get current employees on board with the new brand; how to communicate the brand to internal and external audiences; and ways to measure your branding success.

The workshop will be held October 25 – 26, 2006 at the Delta London Armouries Hotel in London, Ontario. While this workshop is suitable for any member of the agribusiness industry, the material is directed toward human resource professionals, corporate recruiters, marketing and communication managers, and anyone responsible for messaging/promotion of their organization.

“Today’s students have more career opportunities than ever before and they know it,” said Doan. “As an industry and individual organizations, we need to step-up our branding and recruiting efforts. Jim brings practical and actionable suggestions for workshop participants.”

For more information visit: /workshop_details.cfm?task=Employerofchoice1 or contact Erika Brandt at; 800.672.8552 x.28.


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