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August 25, 2006 announces the launch of the Compensation Benchmark Review for agribusiness. The Compensation Benchmark Review (CBR) is an innovative product, targeted specifically for positions within the agribusiness industry. The CBR provides meaningful salary and additional compensation data in a confidential manner for major industry groups, such as crop protection, livestock production, rural finance, protein processing, agronomy/seed, and much more. Thanks to a recent partnership with the Australian-based, Rimfire Resources, is able to provide this industry proven product. Rimfire Resources will administer the CBR because they have a proven system and the localized housing of the data will allow for future international compensation reports. Benefits of the Compensation Benchmark Review:
  • Cost effective, confidential approach to obtaining compensation data within the agribusiness industry
  • Reliable information for package benefits provided to employees
  • The CBR allows companies to comparatively look at salary, benefits, bonuses, vehicle reimbursement, and additional perks
  • Closed loop – you only have access to the data if you contribute to the data
  • Ability to benchmark your company’s compensation packages against your specific industry segment
  • Online access to reports when required
  • On-going customer support Using the Compensation Benchmark Review:
  • Compare compensations for various positions that are competitively placed within your industry sector
  • A starting point for constructing an appropriate and competitive package to offer for a new position, or to a new employee
  • Examining a position to identify comparable positions across the agribusiness industry
  • Confirm the position descriptions of your roles match the roles they are benchmarked against Get involved today and on your way to more accurate compensation information. Provide your compensation manager’s contact information to us by e-mailing or call 800.929.8975. Further information can also be requested at this e-mail or phone number. Don’t miss your opportunity to get involved.

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