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July 05, 2006 has the pleasure of being asked to speak at a number of events. While it is not always possible to participate in everything, we make the best effort to take part in all that we can. This summer, our team will be traveling the United States to speak at several events. Below is a brief recap of those events and what we’ll be presenting. If you are interested in any of these events or receiving information on the topics that we are covering, please send an e-mail to Please include the name of the event/topic that you are interested in and we will follow-up with you.

Excellence in Leadership ~ Corporate Management Styles

July 18, 2006 ~ Web Seminar

Eric Spell, president of, will be concluding the Excellence in Leadership Series. The third and final session will address the different types of management styles within corporate culture. Eric will help participants identify their leadership style and how that style should interact with others in your organization to be most effective. While this is the last session in a series, there is still space available to register for this single session. Click here for more information.


North Carolina Agriculture Teachers Association Summer Conference 2006

July 19, 2006 ~ Greensboro, North Carolina

Eric Spell has had the privilege to be asked to join over 300 middle and high school agriculture educators from him home state of North Carolina. Eric will share his experience and expertise on the change in career opportunities within North Carolina agriculture and the overall industry in his presentation,‘The Changing Agriculture Career Paradigm’.. Eric has gone as far as to interview several local agricultural corporations to share with these influential educators the specifics on the outlook of agriculture in the minds of employers and what they are actually looking for in a new graduate.

Agricultural Media Summit

July 23 – 26, 2006 ~ Portland, Oregon

How to Manage the Transition from College to Work

As someone who hasn’t been in the work world for too long, Erika Brandt - marketing and communications manager, can share from experience how smooth or difficult the transition from college to corporate life can be. This session is directed toward the students of the Agricultural Media Summit and will cover the differences between college and work; how to overcome potential challenges; and some tools that can help first-year employees create success in the business world.

How to become a Better Motivator and Manager

Motivating the workforce can be a challenge, but those who are able to do so successfully are often some of the best leaders. Eric Spell will be presenting a number of specific data related to motivation and also case studies from organizations that he has worked with as a trainer. He will share what ‘really’ motivates a person; what affects motivation; how to get the most from your employees; and creative solutions to enhance motivation in the workplace. More than 500 agricultural media members will attend the Agricultural Media Summit this year.For more information click here. (

Drake & Company and Alpha Zeta – ‘How to Manage the Transition from College to Work’

August 10, 2006 ~ St. Louis, Missouri

Eric Spell and Ericka Brandt will conduct an interactive workshop addressing the differences between college and the business environment. Similar to the Agricultural Media Summit, this workshop will offer practical guidance and tips on working in a tea

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