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Spell Presents Results of Talent Challenges within the Swine Industry -- Market Research Survey
June 28, 2006

As the talent pool for quality employees continues to dwindle, the ‘war on talent’ will become fiercer than ever. This will be especially difficult for industries that already are not perceived to be a glamorous industry to work in, such as the swine industry. Recently, Eric Spell, president of, was asked to present at the 2006 World Pork Expo.

His presentation,Talent Challenges within the Swine Industry, was to explore the challenges of recruiting and retaining talent within the swine industry. To help accomplish his objective, conducted a short, online survey of our pork producing clients to help understand how they plan and are currently handling recruiting/retention issues within their organization. The objective of the survey was to gain insight into the organization’s perceptions of the problem areas and how they responded to potential solutions.

The analysis of this market research project will share:

  • What employers are doing to recruit young and experienced professionals to rural areas
  • How well the industry feels colleges and universities are doing to promote careers in the swine industry
  • The importance of Hispanic leadership
  • Student’s perceptions of career opportunities within the swine industry
  • What needs to be done to ensure the swine industry survives ‘the war on talent’
  • What needs to be done to retain young professionals and general labor
The final market research report is being offered to partnership clients at no charge and as a ‘special’ for those that purchase an job posting package. For those that are only interested in receiving the market research report it may be purchased for $500. If you are interested in the ‘Special’ or would like to purchase the report, please contact your local account manager or e-mail

David Purdie
Eastern US Accounts Manager
phone: 1.800.929.8975

Ashley Warlick
Central USA Account Manager
phone: 1.800.929.8975

Lisa Lathus
Western US Accounts Manager
phone: 1.866.519.7445

Alison Besley
Canadian Sales & Marketing
phone: 1.877.438.5729 Ext. 5018

As an incentive to participate, respondents were entered in a drawing to win one of three I-Pod Shuffles. We would like to congratulate our winners – Billy Lynn, Seaboard Foods; Wendy Hoadley, Nebraska Pork Partners; and Ray Proost, Hypor. We would also like to thank our sponsors: Hog Slat, Inc., Seaboard, PigCHAMP, and M&F Trading.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact at

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