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June 13, 2006

Getting involved in local events and showing support of the community is an important part of what is all about. In Clinton, North Carolina, Eric Spell and Warren Perry are demonstrating their support for the local youth of the community by coaching the Clinton Recreation & Parks Department’s “Coach & Pitch League.” Their team, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, consists of 6 & 7 year olds from the local community and is sponsored by The team plays a total of 9 games during the summer against other local teams in the Clinton area. “I think it is important for employees to be involved in the community...working with young kids allows you to step away from the regular work routine and enjoy one of life's pleasures---our children,” states Eric Spell. Eric is the President of, a member of the family. Longtime community members, both Eric and Warren have volunteered to coach since their children were old enough to play. Between them, they have coached at the Clinton Recreation & Parks Department for a combined total of nine years. “As a former player, some of my best experiences were on the ball field,” states Warren Perry when asked about coaching, “This occurred despite wins or losses, because I was taught that sportsmanship was one of the basic fundamentals. When my children became of age, coaching became my outlet to teach them how to win and lose (good sportsmanship). Plus, it’s fun!” Warren is a Relationship Manager for both M&F Trading and Pig CHAMP, also members of the network. About Ltd. is a leading provider of innovative information products and services, with software solutions for the global agriculture and food industries. can be accessed through its internationally recognized agriculture information portal, which has business services and resources for the 16,000-plus agribusiness professionals and livestock and crop producers who use it each day for business services and resources. The family includes -- the leading recruitment website in the field of agriculture in the United States and Canada connecting job seekers and employers with a targeted, online tool that is economical and produces results, Pig CHAMP, Inc., the leading swine industry software and knowledge management company, as well as M&F Trading the leading livestock marketing company in North America. operates across North America with offices in Ames, Iowa; Clinton, North Carolina; Fresno, California; and London, Ontario, Canada. For more information, visit:

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