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Cultivating Growth with a Global Food Hero at the Roundtable
April 29, 2024

Cultivating Growth with a Global Food Hero at the Roundtable

Talent development and pipeline building are top priorities for people leaders in the agriculture and food industry. Spreading knowledge and exciting today's youth about the industry's difference-making opportunities are essential to creating a future workforce that will feed the world. An internationally acclaimed award-winning speaker, educator, author, innovator, urban farmer, and founder of the Green Bronx Machine, Stephen Ritz, will headline the Roundtable dinner event on July 24th in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Ritz's groundbreaking work has transformed fragmented and marginalized communities into inclusive and thriving neighborhoods. His innovative approach, using urban agriculture aligned with key school performance measurements, has created the first edible classroom in the world.


“One student at a time, one classroom at a time, one school at a time, we grow vegetables, our vegetables grow students, and our students and teachers grow high-performing schools and happier, healthier communities. I could not be more excited to attend the Roundtable,” said Ritz. “To be in a room of professionals dedicated to growing the next generation of farmers, innovators, individuals, and corporations focused on feeding our nation and the world represents an incredible opportunity,” noted Ritz.


“Remember this: no farmers, no food! This event could not be more important,” declared Ritz. “Further, understands that when we invest in our schools and communities, we can change how children eat, learn, live, and access health equity and opportunities. When you change a classroom, you change a school, and when you change a school, you change a community, and when you change a community, you change lives and can change the world.” Ritz added, “This event represents our collective moment. I am beyond excited and determined to share my passion, purpose, and hope so we can grow something greater.”


Known as America’s favorite teacher, Ritz and his students have grown over 225,000 pounds of vegetables in the South Bronx. Green Bronx Machine’s Classroom Curriculum aligns the art and science of growing vegetables with daily academic instruction and access to nutritious food. Plant life is used as a lens to teach multiple subjects, including science, math, and language arts, and inspire students' curiosity. 


Recently recognized as a 2024 Most Innovative Company by Fast Company, Ritz and Green Bronx Machine (GBM) inspire a movement that puts agriculture and project-based learning at the core of public education. By increasing access to nutrition education at the school level, the GBM program works to address food insecurity, improve access to healthy schools, impact whole-school performance, quality of teaching, quality of learning, and teacher satisfaction, expose youth to workforce development pipelines, and foster healthier schools and resilient communities.


Ritz and Green Bronx Machine have partnered to create more than 2,200 living-wage jobs. Today, the Green Bronx Machine Classroom Curriculum serves over 875 schools in the US and 20 nations around the globe, working with 275,000 students and 10,000 teachers daily. It is also the subject of an award-winning documentary, Generation Growth.



“Mr. Ritz is a lively and powerful inspiration for igniting change and doing good in areas with the most need,” said Bonnie Johnson, Marketing & Communications Manager, “Everyone is sure to be connected and re-energized by him, especially those invested in developing talent in the industry,” added Johnson.


By attending the Roundtable, registrants not only have the opportunity to be inspired by Stephen Ritz and participate in a panel discussion on Cultivating the Future Pipeline, but also delve into two full days of education and networking around talent acquisition, development, and retention. The Roundtable is a unique platform for creating connections, learning, and energizing attendees to feed the world with talent. Optional events kick off on July 23rd in Minneapolis, followed by education and networking.


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About Stephen Ritz

Stephen Ritz is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning educator, author of the best-selling book The Power Of A Plant, and Founder of Green Bronx Machine. Known as America's favorite teacher and 2015 Top Ten Finalist for the Global Teacher Prize, Stephen is responsible for creating the first edible classroom in the world. He and his students have grown more than 255,000 pounds of vegetables in the South Bronx, were celebrated at the Obama White House three times, featured on the cover of TIME for KIDS, and are the subject of a new, full-feature documentary, Generation Growth. Stephen is a Senior Fellow in Social Innovation at Babson College and a Board Member for the NYC Nutrition Education Network. Stephen is now appearing in the new PBS educational series Let's Learn with Mister Ritz, was named the 2020 Change-Maker Award by NYC Food Policy Center for his response to COVID, named a 2021 Food Hero by TMZ Live, testified for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ending Hunger in America, and was awarded the 2021 Artemis CEA Disruptor Award for his work, advocacy, and impact in public schools across NYC and America. Stephen was awarded 2022 and 2023 Best of Bronx and is a member of the Food Transition Team and the Urban Agriculture Advisory Board for NYC Mayor, Eric Adams. Stephen was named 2023 Global Food Hero and celebrated by Anthem Awards for his non-profit leadership. Fast Company named Green Bronx Machine a Most Innovative Company in 2024. 



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