Synthetic Chemist - Small Molecule Discovery & Development

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Job Title: Synthetic Chemist - Small Molecule Discovery & Development
Location: Indianapolis, IN, Midwest United States, USA
Company: Corteva
Industry Sector: Agribusiness
Industry Type: Chemical, Pesticide and Fertilizer
Career Type: Researcher/Research & Development
Job Type: Full Time

Job Description:


The Small Molecule Discovery and Development (SMDD) group at Corteva Agriscience is looking to hire a synthetic chemist at its Indianapolis Global Business Center.  The SMDD group at Corteva Agriscience is comprised of Discovery Chemistry, Discovery Process Science and Process Sciences & Technology groups and represents a sizeable portion of our R&D innovation engine working towards sustainable crop protection solutions. We are looking for scientists who can work as part of a multidisciplinary team to discover, develop and launch our crop protection pipeline.

The successful candidate will be responsible for the design and synthesis of novel organic compounds for crop protection, pest and vegetation management in a collaborative effort with biologists, process chemists, computational chemists, formulation chemists, regulatory sciences, intellectual property and numerous other disciplines. Responsibilities will also include route optimization towards a cost effective, efficient synthesis of crop protection active ingredients. Collaboration with chemical engineers, analytical chemists, regulatory sciences, manufacturing and other disciplines is required to successfully bring a new molecule to launch

Come be a part of a team that is fanatically focused on enriching our R&D pipeline with crop protection solutions!

Responsibilities - What You'll Do: 

  • A structured and well-mapped onboarding plan that will include opportunity for research sabbaticals across all disciplines in the SMDD group.

  • An opportunity to work with pipeline molecules at various stages of development from early discovery to manufacturing and launch.

  • Innovate at the interface of biology, biochemistry and computational chemistry to generate and test novel hypotheses.

  • Develop more efficient, practical, scalable and sustainable routes to our small molecule crop protection products.

  • Evaluate compounds using cutting edge cheminformatics tools to accurately and efficiently interpret biological data to drive structure activity relationship (SAR).

  • Cross-collaborate with the Predictive Safety Center for early-stage assessment of regulatory and sustainability profile of new compounds.

  • Design, synthesis, isolation and characterization of novel molecules enabled by modern reaction platforms, purification tools, and analytical instrumentation to facilitate efficient iterative design cycles.

  • Manage and contribute to the synthesis of gram to kilogram quantities of experimental products for the support of other Corteva R&D sub-functions. 

  • Support supply of intermediates and final targets for use in Field, Formulation, and Toxicology studies.

  • Transfer technology and support the manufacturing start-up of our small molecule crop protection products.

  • Keep current with latest developments in chemistry literature, technology and IP landscape of competitors and implement actions that enhances Corteva’s competitive position.

  • Generate, document and communicate research in the form of internal scientific reports and external publications.

  • Mentor experienced and new colleagues on technical or interpersonal skills required for growth of individuals and teams.

  • Bring the outside in through deliberate and strategic engagements and collaborations with external networks in academia and industry


What You'll Bring to the Table: 

  • Technical Ability:  Must be able to generate and interpret data to independently solve synthesis problems.  Must be able to generate and work cross-functionally to implement new processes.

  • Innovation:  A key deliverable of the job is to develop new or improved processes.  The individual must be able to problem solve by generating novel ideas and by creatively applying existing technology.

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness:  All projects are conducted in a team-based environment.  Success is achieved through the effective leveraging of cross-functional resources.  The individual must interact well with others and be able to build and sustain effective relationships.

  • Initiative:  Must also drive results independently as well as in teams.  Must show initiative in planning and execution to meet defined goals.

  • Teamwork:  All projects are managed by teams of varying size.  Cooperating and contributing to meet team goals is critical.


  • Ph.D. or post-doctoral experience in organic chemistry – students expecting to graduate within the next year are encouraged to apply.

  • Experience utilizing or developing synthetic methodologies and a proven track record of solving complex synthetic problems is required.

  • A working knowledge of broad separation technologies and characterization techniques is needed.

  • Ability to work independently and through others to drive projects to a decision point,

  • A track record of technical publications, highly effective communication (written and verbal), interpersonal skills and teamwork.

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Job Post Date: 05/01/22
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