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Sr. Research Associate, Trait Lead Development-Electrophysiology (Bach/Masters)

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Job Title: Sr. Research Associate, Trait Lead Development-Electrophysiology (Bach/Masters)
Location: Johnston, IA, Mid-West United States, USA
Company: Corteva
Industry Sector: Agribusiness
Industry Type: Plant & Soil Sciences, Seed and Biotechnology
Career Type: Researcher/Research & Development
Job Type: Full Time
Minimum Years Experience Required: N/A
Salary: 0
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Discovery, development, and stewardship of insect control traits requires a thorough understanding of the mode of action of the trait proteins.  Many candidate proteins act through mechanisms that disrupt insect midgut function and can be characterized by biochemical and electrophysiological techniques.  This position will utilize these techniques to characterize the mechanism through which the proteins control agronomically important insect pests.



  • Process, purify, and characterize recombinant insecticidal proteins;
  • Perform biochemical assays aimed at understanding the mode of action of insecticidal proteins;
  • Perform insect dissections and/or isolate sub-cellular fractions from dissected tissue;
  • Perform electrophysiological assays that include measurement of isolated insect midgut transport activities;
  • Document research and report results and conclusions in written and/or oral format; and
  • Maintain laboratory and order supplies



MS degree in Biochemistry, Insect Physiology, or related field or BS degree in related field with 3-5 yrs relevant laboratory experience. Applicants should have strong analytical skills, be capable of conducting multiple projects simultaneously, and have proficiency in protein biochemistry.  The ideal candidate also will have experience in electrophysiology, performing binding assays and/or working with cell culture systems. The successful candidate should be self-motivated, capable of working independently or as part of a group, and competent in written and oral reporting.

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Job Post Date: 04/02/19
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