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Compensation & Flexibility Top Priorities for Staff
June 28, 2023
Bonnie Johnson

Compensation & Flexibility Top Priorities for Staff

We’ve collected data on the benefits employers offer, but what do candidates really want? What will make them choose your organization? When every employer is competing for the best talent, it’s vital we uncover not only what the competition offers, but what potential employees want in their benefits program. surveyed over 1,800 candidates and employees in the agricultural industry about their preferences and the importance placed on various perks and benefits.



The newly released Candidate & Employee Benefits Survey Report uncovered two key overarching benefit themes—compensation and flexibility.





Pay matters even more in 2023. “Higher compensation” was the top motivator for employees to leave their current job for another opportunity. We also observed candidates’ and employees’ focus on money when asked about the factors influencing their choice in an employer. “Salary/compensation package” was the top factor, followed by location and benefits when selecting their employer of choice.





More agricultural employers are using flexible work arrangements, and more employees expect and desire flexibility in the workplace post-pandemic. Employees/candidates said that flexibility was the most important employment perk, while telework was not far behind. Increased flexibility was one of the top five reasons for employees to leave their job for another opportunity—even higher than company culture.



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Discover additional details, plus explore what respondents said were the most important career development and company culture components, benefits communication methods, and benefits’ relationship with job satisfaction. Click here to download a copy of the Candidate & Employee Benefits Survey.


To benchmark the status of the industry, we also surveyed employers about what they offer and released those findings earlier this year. Click here for your copy of the Employer Benefits Survey Report.

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