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Compensation Benchmark Review's Exclusive Agribusiness Salary Survey

Agribusiness HR Review™

The AGRIBUSINESS HR REVIEW™ provides a range of human resource best practices relevant to North American agribusinesses over the last twelve months. Information is captured via direct communication with clients through an online survey and then collated and presented in both tables and graphs to best capture and display the information. The document provides key findings, analysis commentary and detailed results in separate

U.S. and Canadian editions. The survey is made available for completion during the summer and results are released each fall. Participants receive the full report pre-release. Contact us today to get involved.

Topics covered include:
  • Salary reviews
  • HR management practices
  • Management performance schemes
  • Benefits and salary packaging
  • Recruitment practice
  • Retirement trends
  • Branding practices

Sample Key Findings:
  • 95.4% of companies experienced an increase in salaries during the last 12 months; roughly 5% of companies had not increased salaries. 68.3% of these companies awarding increases, increased salaries by 2.1-3%. (2011 U.S. HR Review)
  • The majority of companies, 77.27%, have a dedicated HR staff. 36.36% maintain an HR staff to employee ratio of 1 to 100. (2011 Canadian HR Review)

Intern & New Graduate Compensation Survey™ surveys agricultural companies to produce this compilation of compensation data and trends for interns and new grads. The results can assist your company with on-boarding, program structure, compensation and benefits.

The survey is typically executed every other year, results are shared back exclusively with participants. The next survey will be conducted Spring 2012. Contact us today to get involved

Intern Topics covered include:
  • Demographics
  • Offers
  • Third Party Hiring/Screening Process
  • Bonuses
  • Hours
  • Length of Internship
  • Wages
  • Benefits
  • Housing

New Graduate Topics covered include:
  • Demographics
  • Offers
  • Work Experience
  • Bonuses
  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Wages
  • Recruitment

Sample Key Findings:
  • Twenty two companies participated in the survey and reported that March is the most prevalent month for filling and completing offers for internship positions.
  • 42% of companies said they have offered a position to a new graduate with a deferred start date. The deferred start date did not include any compensation during that time frame. (2010 Intern & New Graduate Compensation Survey)