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Compensation Benchmark Review's Exclusive Agribusiness Salary Survey


(CBR) is’s agribusiness salary survey. This innovative online tool is designed specifically for the needs of the agribusiness industry. The CBR provides meaningful salary and benefits data on a wide array of positions. Data is available in multiple reporting formats to easily benchmark and compare data.

Clients can focus on general agribusiness trends or sector specific reports such as Ag Chem, Seed, Fertilizer, Commodities/Biofuels, Cooperatives, Production and many more. Information is also reported by location (region/state/city), urban vs. rural, and company size.

Data is confidential and collected once per year. The online format ensures that data is accessible year-round, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our customer care staff provide complimentary training, on-going customer support, and customized reporting per request.

Each year 150-plus agribusiness employers across North America participate. The CBR is only available to those that supply data thus enhancing the resource’s integrity and credibility.

Additional information like participant list and sample reports are available under the Resources tab. Contact to obtain user information or confidentiality agreement to subscribe.

How to use the Compensation Benchmark Review
Employers use the compensation data as a cost effective method to help guide their recruiting and retention efforts:
  • Benchmark company compensation packages against specific industry sector and the agribusiness industry as a whole
  • Construct compensation packages for new hires and new positions
  • Examine a position to identify comparable positions across the agribusiness industry
  • Confirm company position descriptions match roles they are benchmarked against
  • Develop salary ranges and identify areas of improvement for company structure to help retain employees