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With a proven, broad portfolio of crop protection solutions for organic and conventional production, Certis Biologicals has the answers growers need in today's dynamic agricultural environment. We are a leader in commercializing new product innovations in bio-control to solve tomorrow's agricultural issues.

We have the largest number of global registrations of biological products and the relationships needed to deliver those products across a multitude of market segments and geographies. Currently, our products are sold in the US and exported to more than 50 countries.

Certis Biologicals is headquartered in Columbia, MD. 

  • Career opportunities
    FIELD DEVELOPMENT MANAGER › None, Nationwide United States, USA 03/08/23
    PROCESS ENGINEER › Butte, Montana, West United States, USA 02/23/23
    SALES ASSOCIATE INTERNSHIP › California, West United States, USA 02/23/23
    PROCESS ENGINEER › Wasco, California, West United States, USA 02/13/23
    REGULATORY AFFAIRS MANAGER › Columbia, Maryland, Nationwide United States, USA 03/14/23
  • About Us




    Certis Biologicals is a pioneer in the development of biological pesticides and has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of biopesticides. For more than three decades, Certis Biologicals has been a pioneer in the field of biological pesticides for commercial agricultural use. We are a leading manufacturer of bio-based products, with innovative technologies and production expertise spanning from fermentation to formulation. We currently own and operate two US-based manufacturing facilities and one international manufacturing facility through a joint venture.  We have the largest number of global registrations of biological products and the relationships needed to deliver those products across a multitude of market segments and geographies. Currently, our products are sold in the US and exported to more than 50 countries.  Certis Biologicals is headquartered in Columbia, MD. 


    We began as an innovator aimed at developing new business models to solve challenges, generate new opportunities, and improve existing processes to meet the market’s ever-evolving needs. With innovation at the forefront, we became the leader of manufacturing and marketing of bio-based solutions in commercial agriculture and the home and garden markets.



  • Culture/Vision




    We are consistently striving to bring the best products to our customers and accomplish that through laboratory and field-based product development. Our products have been tested in more than 7,000 field trials, proving their reliability time and time again. Since 2001, Certis has been dedicated to delivering bio-based products that represent repeated use on thousands of acres each year. 

    All of this effort has given way to the broadest portfolio of biologically based crop solutions for use in organic and conventional agriculture available on the market today. Our products cover the spectrum of issues that threaten the health of crops, from fungicides, insecticides, miticides, herbicides, and bacteriophages, Certis Biologicals is determined to deliver solutions that growers need to continue feeding the world. 

  • Products




    Double Nickel

    Double Nickel LC features a naturally occurring bacterium that rapidly colonizes plant surfaces and impedes the development of disease-causing organisms, presents no risk to the environment or beneficial species, enables growth through improved nutrient uptake, and provides reliable tank-mix compatibility with a variety of other products. 



    MeloCon LC

    MeloCon LC features an improved liquid formulation for multiple application types, is not harmful to non-target or beneficial species, soil, or environment, and is ideal for nematode control in long-season crops, double-crop systems, and post-fumigation at the end of the season to reduce infestation levels or in areas where fumigation is prohibited. 




    Deliver has 5x the potency for powerful control, naturally fighting lepidopteran pests to protect specialty crops. Use Deliver for natural control for organic IPM programs with no cross-resistance. Deliver can be used in organic product and is Omri-listed. 


  • Our Employees




    Welcome to Certis Biologicals, a leading manufacturer of biological crop protection products. We are thrilled to have you in consideration for joining our team. You're joining a forward-thinking and innovative team of professionals dedicated to providing our customers with the best products. You have joined or considered our organization at an exciting time, as we have become the leader in the manufacturing and marketing of biological solutions in commercial agriculture and in home and garden markets. We are expanding our footprint rapidly both domestically and globally and know the members of our team contribute to what we can achieve. 


    As you consider joining us, know that I encourage you to reach out to your new team and your manager with any questions that can help you learn and excel.? I speak for everyone when I send you my warm wishes of welcome as you consider joining the team at Certis Biologicals. I think it will be a rewarding adventure for us all, and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together. 


    Thank you for considering Certis Biologicals! 


    Amy O'Shea

    CEO, Certis Biologicals              


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