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Food Production Supervisor



Food Production Supervisors oversee either entire assembly lines or one entity. They are held accountable for the production of outputs and operating activities for food products. Food Production Supervisors also are always striving to meet their goals to obtain maximum efficiency at a low cost within specified standards.


What responsibilities will I have?

  • Responsible for establishing and executing policies, procedures, and programs that assure products are developed, manufactured, and marketed with superior quality in compliance with in-house specifications and all applicable legal and regulatory agencies
  • Manage and coordinate a company-wide regulatory guidance, training and compliance effort
  • Develop and maintain audit schedules to ensure all suppliers are evaluated to timescales according to designated risk status
  • Develop corrective/preventative (continuous quality improvement) action plans
  • Responsible for the microbiological and analytical disposition of all raw materials and products harvested and packed in the plant
  • Assist in the development of raw material specifications
  • Help to develop and monitor a program of consistent product presentation to support the brand and corporate image
  • Lead and facilitate customer inspection of product and facilities
  • Troubleshoot quality and safety issues with growers
  • Review and check plant sanitation
  • Act as the primary liaison with all third party audit bodies
  • Develop and maintain a successful staff through selection, training, leadership, and motivation
  • Manage daily and weekly product evaluations and report findings to management
  • Responsible for maintaining relevant technical expertise and continually establishing an up-to-date awareness of evolving quality control and pack style changes


What education and training is required?

A bachelor’s degree in Food Science, Food Engineering, Business or Industrial Engineer.


To pursue a career as a Food Production Supervisor:

The following high school courses are recommended:  agricultural education, biology, chemistry and mathematics.


Typical Employers:

Typical employers include food production and food ingredient companies.


Future Job Market/Outlook:

The future outlook for Food Production is projected to be good to excellent.


Suggested Professional Organizations and Associations:

  • Food Processing Suppliers Association
  • American Council for Food Safety and Quality
  • Food Ingredient Distribution association
  • Institute of Packaging Professionals
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