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Real Consequences of Ghosting Employers

By Kristine Penning, Creative Marketing Specialist


“Ghosting” has become a household term in the last few years. Originally a term used to describe the lack of response from someone via text or a messaging app, the term has spilled over into the professional world with employers and employees “ghosting” each other during the hiring process. Though ghosting certainly goes both ways and some employers unfortunately never respond to candidates or applicants, ghosting can be one of the worst things you can do while job hunting.


When You Don’t Get the Job

When you get word that you did not get the job you interviewed for, you’re likely to experience an array of negative emotions including disappointment and even anger. Your gut reaction may be to just blow off the employer and privately fume. However, if the employer has taken the time to interview and consider you as a candidate, the least you can do is to reply with a, “Thank you for the opportunity.” It will reflect poorly on you to not respond at all, and employers will remember that.


When You Get the Job

It is mind-boggling to employers when they send the exciting news that you have gotten the job you interviewed for, and then you suddenly fall off the face of the earth without a word. It’s likely the employer will feel angry and bewildered, as you would if you never heard back after an interview. This feeling won’t soon be forgotten, and employers will certainly remember you as the candidate who ghosted them and put them in a difficult position—hanging with a position that needs to be filled.


You might have “reasonable” intentions for ghosting such as waiting to see if you got another job you applied to. But respond regardless of the situation. It’s okay to graciously decline a job offer, and it’s definitely preferable over not responding at all. If you need some time to think about it, just ask for it.


How Ghosting Can Hurt Your Career

Agriculture is a tight-knit industry.. Think about it—what are the chances that you attend a conference and cross paths with the employer you ghosted? What an awkward and embarrassing situation!. Furthermore, employers in agriculture regularly converse and network with colleagues across the industry. What if your name comes up in conversation as someone a fellow employer is considering? They won’t have good things to say about you.


Ultimately, ghosting is never a good idea and will label you as unprofessional, uncourteous, and immature. Respond in a graceful way that does not burn bridges or damage your professional reputation.