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Social Media Do's & Don'ts


By Kathryn Doan,


SOCIAL MEDIA is a powerful tool; it can help to establish a personal brand highlight specific interests and passions, and people have the ability to connect and network with friends and peers around the globe, many of whom we share common interests and friendship.


However, social media can create negative impacts on perceptions and opinions as the network tends to expand beyond close friends through these public platforms where privacy settings may allow the general public to see a glimpse of your shared information.


Here are some do’s and don’ts of being part of the digital world through social media and how this can impact your next perspective role:



• Do engage in social media to build your brand and showcase your profile.

• Do set privacy settings, managing and minimizing what people outside your desired network might see.

• Do include professional descriptions in your profile headings to allow viewers to gain a positive first impression.

• Do use the options of multiple platforms that may display professional profiles to broad networks but keep personal profiles for your closest friends.



• Don’t use photos or commentary that would damage your creditability and level of trustworthiness.

• Don’t be afraid to use these social media URL’s on your resume, particularly LinkedIn or perhaps Twitter if they showcase your experience, knowledge and career passions.

• Don’t engage or include people in your network that will not share similar life values and goals.

• Don’t be afraid of social media, it is here to stay, so make sure your platforms appear as professional as you would look for the in-person job interview itself.


In conclusion, it’s advised to be genuine, but be professional and know your online reputation is a part of our own reputation today, and potentially forever as the online world evolves.