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What to Do After the Interview


By Tiffany Tomlin,


YOU MADE IT through the interview and are waiting to hear back from your potential employer. Sure, you may no longer be preparing for a face-to-face conversation, but work is not yet done. If your goal is to set yourself apart from others, here are some ways to stay on your potential employer’s mind.



The saying, “there’s no use crying over spilled milk” absolutely applies here. Before proceeding, forget about everything you may have forgotten to say and give yourself some grace. The interview process can be very stressful, and you do not want to take any negative emotions into the next step.



You may get the chance to bring up more key points later. To ensure you have valuable content for the next step in the post-interview plan, write down everything you thought went well while meeting with your potential employers, along with things to change if you get the opportunity to talk with them again. You can include these topics in a thank you note or mention them in a second interview.



The most important task on your to-do list after the interview is to send a thank you note. If you’re short on time, there is no need for a hand-written letter, but send a professional, well-written email the same day as the interview to express gratitude to your potential employer. If done properly, this step will give the potential employer another look at your name and insight into your background.



During the initial interview, you should have gotten an estimated time frame that you will be hearing back from them. If that period has come and gone, then it is time to write a follow-up email. The purpose of this email is to reinforce your interest in the job.