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Candidate Webinar: Standing Out in a Virtual Interview
December 07, 2020

Candidate Webinar: Standing Out in a Virtual Interview

Virtual recruitment is the new normal, with the virtual interview becoming an essential part of the hiring process. Face-to-face interviews efficiently adapted to video platforms, while hiring and onboarding are going virtual too. Sometimes you may get a job offer before ever meeting in-person! How do you assess company culture and job fit virtually?


Join on Friday, December 18 at 11 am Central for our free job seeker webinar, Standing Out in a Virtual Interview.


For years we’ve advised candidates how to impress in an in-person interview and what questions to ask. Although some ways to stand out have stayed the same, there are some very distinct considerations for the virtual interview. In this free webinar for candidates, you’ll learn ways to be a standout candidate in an online job interview. Find out more and register here:  /standing-out-in-a-virtual-interview-webinar.cfm


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