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Canadian Scholarship Awarded
December 19, 2023

Canadian Scholarship Awarded Awards Second Annual Canadian Feed Your Future Scholarship awarded their second Canadian Feed Your Future Scholarship to Sarah Van Heyst, a McGill University student. Van Heyst is working towards her M.Sc. in Bioresource Engineering. created the Feed Your Future $1,000 Scholarship to financially assist a post-secondary student studying agriculture or intending to pursue a career in agriculture. is committed to Feeding the World with Talent by supporting education and career opportunities in agriculture and food. 


The application process involved students responding to essay questions, including, "How are you going to do your part in feeding the world with your talent?" 


Van Heyst wrote, "My passion for agriculture centers around my belief that everyone should have equal access to food and sovereignty over what they consume. In the face of rapid global population expansion, efficient and sustainable agriculture will play an increasingly important role in achieving this reality. Further, I find the interactions between humans and the environment incredibly intriguing and think there is room for agriculture to develop in a way which minimizes environmental impacts."


At McGill University, Van Heyst is researching stakeholder involvement and water resource management within agricultural watersheds. "Agriculture, to me, is so interesting as it possesses huge potential for advancement and optimization to face the daunting, yet thought-provoking, challenges of population growth and environmental degradation. I want to be involved in the agricultural field to contribute and influence solutions to this complex problem," added Van Heyst. 


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