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December 06, 2022 Awards Inaugural Canadian Feed Your Future Scholarship awarded their first-ever Canadian Feed Your Future Scholarship to student Allison Visser, who is in her fourth year in the Honours Agriculture major at the University of Guelph. created the Feed Your Future $1,000 Scholarship to financially assist a post-secondary student in Canada who is studying agriculture or has the intention of pursuing a career in agriculture. is committed to Feeding the World with Talent by supporting education and careers opportunities in agriculture and food.


The application process involved students answering essay questions, including, “How are you going to do your part in feeding the world with your talent?” Visser responded, “I am going to feed the world with my talent by educating consumers on where their food comes from to increase consumer trust, promoting sustainable practices that will allow producers to earn consumer trust and remain productive and profitable into the future, and leveraging all available food sources, along with reducing food waste to increase global food security.”  


Visser hopes to use her experience and education in agriculture to help Canadian consumers connect to their food.     


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