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Ontario Agriculture Scholarships

Ajinomoto Heartland / Halchemix Scholarship
Alf and Mary Hales Graduate Scholarship
Alfred McInroy Mac Cuddy Memorial Scholarship
Amber (Gibbons) Underwood Communications Scholarship
Amos & William Lowe Memorial Scholarship
Amos Kitchen Memorial Scholarship
Anna Helvig Schousboe Scholarship
Archie and Isabelle (Cook) Rintoul O.A.C. Bursary
Arthur Richmond Memorial Scholarships
Ball Farm Services Ltd. and Agrico Canada Ltd. Scholarship
BC Youth in Agriculture Foundation Scholarship
Beaton Scholarship
Beatty-Munro Family Memorial Scholarship
Bell-Sargant Scholarship
Bentley Cropping Systems Fellowship
Better Beef Scholarship
Brian W. Kennedy Memorial Scholarship
Brickstop Corporation Scholarship in Landscape Architecture
Broiler Breeder Research Scholarship
Bruce County Graduation Prize
Bullick Scholarship
C.W. Riley Prize
Canada's Outdoor Farm Show Travel Grants
Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers Scholarship
Canadian Dairy Commission Scholarship
Canadian Dairy Commission Scholarship
Canadian Society of Landscape Architects Prize
Canadian Vintners Association Scholarship
Charles and Betty Webster International Study Scholarships
Charles McGowan Memorial Prize
Charles McGowan Memorial Prize
Cheryl Somerville Memorial Leadership Scholarship
Class of '51 O.A.C. Leadership Prizes
Class of '67 O.A.C. Centennial Scholarship
Class of 1933 Scholarship
Class of O.A.C. '33 Bursaries
Class of O.A.C. '36 Bursaries
Clayton and Dorothy Switzer Scholarships
Craig Pearson International Research Scholarship
Credit Valley Conservation Authority Foundation Bursary
Credit Valley Horticultural Society Scholarship
D & G Hart Travel Grant
David and Carolyn Biesenthal Scholarship
David R. Leach Memorial Bursary
Dawn Morris Memorial Prize
Deborah Whale/Poultry Industry Council Graduate Scholarship
Don McMillan Graduate Bursaries in Food Science
Donald P. Watson Bursaries in Horticultural Science
Donald P. Watson Bursaries in Horticultural Science
Dorothy E. Dove Award
Douglas McRorie Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Chester Myers Graduate Scholarship
Dr. G.W. Friars Award
Dr. J. L. Tennant Bursaries
Dr. J. L. Tennant Bursaries
Dr. J. L. Tennant Graduate Scholarship
Dr. Jack Britney Scholarship
Dr. Mohamed Sharom Award
Dr. O.M. McConkey Scholarship
Dr. R. J. Hilton Memorial Scholarship
Durante Kreuk Scholarship
Earl A. Thomas Graduate Scholarship
Earnest Austin Weir Memorial Scholarship
Edmunds, Millen, Ozburn, Peer Scholarship in Entomology/Apiculture
Egg Farmers of Ontario's Thomas R. Graham Scholarship
Egg Farmers Ontario Bursaries
Elena Grothier Scholarship
Emiel Griesbach Year OAC '30 Scholarship
F.L. McEwen Award
Faculty of Environmental Science Graduate Research Scholarships
Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers Award
Food Science Department Scholarship
Frank and Gertraude Hurnik Scholarship
Frank R. and Dorothy E. Dove Award
Frank Wallace Cockshutt Scholarship
Fred Hindle Bursary
Fred W. Presant Scholarship
Gary Knechtel Memorial Scholarship
Gary Putnam Memorial Prize
George I. Christie Prize
George Thurtell Graduate Scholars
George W. and Mildred B. Moore Scholarship
Gerald R. Stephenson Scholarship
Ginty Jocius Journey of Growth Travel Grant
Glen (Andy) W. Anderson Scholarship
Gord Bennett Memorial and O.A.C. '43 Class Bursary
Gordon B. Henry Bursaries in Food Science
Gordon F. Townsend Scholarship
Greg Muir Memorial Scholarship
Gwen Karr Memorial Bursary
H.C. Mason Travel Scholarships
H.L. Hutt Memorial Scholarship
Hamilton Milk Producer's Association Scholarship
Harney Estate Scholarships
Harry Colnett Scholarship
Harvey W. Caldwell Scholarship
Heimbecker Scholarship
Heimbecker Scholarship in Entrepreneurship
Helen Kippax Memorial Scholarship
Herbert F. Crown Memorial Scholarship
Honourable John S. Martin Scholarship
Hoskins Scholarships
Intervet Canada Poultry Health Prize
J. Alden and Isobelle McLean Scholarship
J. Ross Cavers Study Abroad Scholarship
J.D. Cunningham Industrial Scholarship
J.D. Cunningham Travel Grant
Jack Atkin Graduate Scholarship
Jack Pos Scholarship (Engineering)
James A. McGrath Memorial Scholarship
James Aubrey and Doris Garner Memorial Scholarship
James MacMillan Memorial Scholarship
Jim Stokman Memorial Scholarship
Joerg and Franzis Leiss Horticultural Scholarship
John A. Archibald Memorial Scholarship
John Bandeen Memorial Scholarship
John Burton Scholarship
John Deere Foundation of Canada Scholarship
John Deere Foundation of Canada Scholarship
John R. M. Kelso Scholarship
Joint Japan / World Bank Graduate Scholarship
Kae and Gordon Skinner Memorial Scholarship
Karl C. Ivarson Scholarship
Kasha Scientific Research Travel Grants
Keith Gilmore Foundation Scholarships
Keith Gilmore Foundation Scholarships - Undergraduate
Keith R. Collver Scholarship
Kenneth E. Crawford Scholarships
Kenneth G. Murray Scholarship
Kenneth McAlpine Pretty Scholarship
Keyes Family Scholarship
Kincardine Shippers Association Travel Grant
L. George and Margaret Baker Bursary
Land Resource Science Academic Prize
Land Resource Science Achievement Prize
Land Resource Science Graduate Scholarships
Landscape Architecture Access Scholarships
Landscape Architecture Alumni Scholarships
Larry Milligan Research Travel Grant
Lilian and James Allan Scholarship
Lorne Page Memorial Travel Grants
Major General LaFleche Memorial Scholarship
Manton Memorial Scholarship
Marian Brennan and Hedley Harrison Memorial Scholarship
Mark Terhune Memorial Research Scholarship
Mary Edmunds Williams Scholarships
Mary Perlmutter Scholarship
Massey Fund Travel Scholarships
Masterfeeds Bursaries
McCormick Canada Inc. Food Science Scholarship
Michael Chepesuik International Research Travel Grant
Monsanto Canada Opportunity Scholarship
Monsanto Plant Science Research Scholarship
Morwick Scholarship
Mrs. Fred Ball Scholarships
Murray Selves Memorial Scholarship
N.R. Richards Scholarship
Nutreco Canada Inc. Shur-Gain Scholarship
O.A.C. '05 Excellence Travel Grant
O.A.C. '38 Lloyd Minshall Bursaries
O.A.C. '45 Public Speaking Prize
O.A.C. '47 Travel Bursaries
O.A.C. '49 Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management - Equine Entrance Scholarships
O.A.C. '52 Scholarships
O.A.C. '54 International Study Scholarship
O.A.C. '55 Access Bursaries
O.A.C. '55 Scholarships
O.A.C. '55 Scholarships
O.A.C. '57 Bursaries
O.A.C. Alumni Foundation Access Bursaries
O.A.C. Centennial Graduate Prizes
OAC '38 Lloyd Minshall Bursaries
OAC 1950 International Research Travel Grant
OAC Centennial Graduate Scholarships
OAC International Travel Grants
Ontario Agri Business Association Degree Bursaries
Ontario Agri Business Association Scholarships
Ontario Agricultural FS Cooperatives Scholarship
Ontario Association of Landscape Architects Scholarship
Ontario Cattlemen's Association Degree Bursary
Ontario Dairy Council Prize
Ontario Federation of Agriculture Bursaries
Ontario Food Processors Association Scholarship
Ontario Food Protection Association Graduate Bursary in Food Safety
Ontario Food Protection Association Scholarship
Ontario Food Protection Association Scholarship
Ontario Genomics Institute
Ontario Grape Growers Bursary
Ontario Horticultural Association Scholarship
Ontario Pork Bursary
Orville E. Sinclair Research Scholarship
Ottawa-Carleton 1983 International Ploughing Match (O.A.C.) Scholarship
Oxford County Pork Producers Scholarship
Pearl Lyons Memorial Scholarship
Plant Agriculture Research Scholarship
Ploughshare Scholarship
Pride Seeds Scholarship
Prof. A.W. Baker Memorial Bursaries
Quinn Memorial Scholarship
R. Douglas and Kathleen Kennedy Scholarship
R.J. Watford Prize
R.W. (Bob) Pawley Scholarship
Reverend Charles Wood Bursaries
Richard Protz Memorial Scholarship
Robb Graduate Research Travel Grant
Robert C. Skipper Scholarship
Robert Harcourt Scholarships
Robert J. Hall Memorial Poultry Scholarship
Robert Keegan Memorial Prize
Robert Orr Lawson Scholarships
Robert S. and Ethelyne L. Fulkerson Scholarship
Robert Thompson Scholarship
Robert, Louis and Helen Shaw Memorial Degree Scholarships
Roderick Long International Travel Grant
Ronald C. Moyer Scholarship
Ross Jones Memorial Prize
Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship
Rural Planning and Development Alumni Scholarship
Rural Planning Field Research Travel Grants
S.J. Smith Memorial Scholarship
Samuel Carr Prize
Schneller and Summers Award
Society of Management Accountants of Ontario Scholarship
Soden Memorial Scholarships in Agriculture
Soybean Research Scholarship
Stantec Environmental Science Scholarship
Stantec Landscape Architectural Scholarship
Sue Chase and John Steckle Scholarship
T.K. Warley Bursaries
Taffy Davison Memorial Research Travel Grant
TD 4-H Agriculture Scholarships
Ted McGrail Memorial Scholarship
Toronto Milk Producer's Scholarship
Toronto Milk Producer's Scholarships
Varley and Lyon Exchange Scholarships
Vineland Centennial Horticultural Scholarship
W. Garfield Weston Foundation Food Safety Research Scholarship
W.H. Waddell Prize
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