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Manitoba Agriculture Scholarships

A. G. Robinson Memorial Award
Agricultural and Food Sciences Centennial Entrance Scholarships
Agriculture Faculty Awards
Agriculture Faculty Awards
American Orchid Society
Anderson-Ridley Canada Limited Graduate Fellowship
Animal Nutrition Association of Canada Scholarship
Back to the Land Association Prizes
Baldur Stefansson Bursary
BC Youth in Agriculture Foundation Mature Student Scholarship
Bill & Leola Rempel Bursary
Brandon Hog Days Bursary
Bruce D. Campbell Bursary
Bryan F. Zilkey Bursary
Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers Agronomy Award
Canadian Dairy Commission Scholarship
Canadian Dairy Commission Scholarship
Canadian Society of Animal Science Book Prize
Canadian Wheat Board Prize
Canadian Wheat Board Scholarships
Canadian Wheat Board Scholarships and Graduate Assistantship Program
Cargill Prize for Excellence in Communications
Catherine E. Reimer Memorial Scholarship
CBHEPA - Broiler Breeder Research Scholarship
CIBC Agricultural Scholarship
CIBC Agricultural Scholarship
Class of 1963 Scholarship in Agriculture
Cyril L. Anderson - Ridley Inc. Fellowship in Animal Nutrition
Daryl F. Kraft Graduate Fellowship
Douglas Campbell Graduate Fellowship
Douglas McRorie Memorial Scholarship
Dr. A.W. Hogg Undergraduate Scholarship
E. L. Wight Memorial Scholarship
E. W. Stringham Award for Excellence in Animal Systems
Eastern Grassland Society Inc. Bursary
Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences Endowment Bursaries
Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences Endowment Fund Graduate Studies Bursaries
Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences Students Organization (FASO) Award
Faculty of Architecture Medal in Facility Management
Farm Credit Canada Business Planning Award
Frederick L. Paulley Prize
G. Clarence Elliot Fellowship
G. Clarence Elliott Fellowship
Garson N. (Gerry) Vogel Memorial Award
George Weston Scholarship
Gwen Rue Memorial Award
H. W. Kennedy Prize in Horticulture
Harry Colnett Scholarship Program
Helga Nielson Westdal Memorial Bursary
Helgason Travel Award
Imperial Seed Co. Ltd. Scholarships
Interlake Grassland Society Bursaries
J. Ray Ingalls Bursary in Dairy
J.C. Gilson Agribusiness Fellowship
Jack Woodhouse Memorial Bursary
James Farms Award
James Gordon Fletcher Graduate
James Gordon Fletcher Graduate Fellowship in Agricultural and Food Sciences
James Gordon Fletcher Ph.D. Fellowship
James Harvey Tolton Memorial Scholarship
James I. Elliot Bursary
James Reynolds Bell Memorial Bursary
James W. Barlow Graduate Fellowship in Food Science
John Roth Memorial Award
Kenneth G. Wersh Fellowship
Keystone Agricultural Producers / Nesbitt Leadership and Communications Scholarship
Keystone Agricultural Producers Entrance Bursary
Keystone Agricultural Producers Leadership Scholarship
Len Shebeski Bursary
Lord Selkirk Association of Rupertsland Agriculture Scholarship
Manitoba Ag Days Scholarship in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
Manitoba Agricultural and Food Sciences Grads Association Diploma Award
Manitoba Agricultural and Food Sciences Grads Degree Award
Manitoba Association of Plant Biologists Graduate Student Awards
Manitoba Canola Growers' Association Award
Manitoba Dairy Association Prize
Manitoba Egg Producers Bursary
Manitoba Egg Producers Scholarship
Manitoba Hatchery Association Scholarship
Manitoba Hog and Poultry Days Award
Manitoba Horticultural Societies Award
Manitoba Horticulturists Graduate Scholarship
Manitoba Institute of Agrologists Scholarship
Manitoba Milk Producers Bursary
Manitoba Pork Council Bursary
Manitoba Pork Council Prize
Manitoba Pulse Growers Association Degree Scholarship
Manitoba Pulse Growers Association Diploma Scholarship
Manitoba Seed Growers Awards
Marguerite Simons and Family Bursary
Mary Perlmutter Scholarship
McDiarmid Lumber Limited Scholarships
Miriam Green Ellis Bursaries
Morrison Travel Award for Graduate Students in Plant Science
Nevin Animal Breeding Graduate Fellowship
Nevin Estate Bursaries
Nevin Estate Fellowship
Nevin Estate Scholarship
Norman E. Stanger Prize in Pre-Veterinary Studies
Norval C. Young Graduate Fellowship in Animal Science
Orval G. and H. Ruth Caldwell Fellowship
Pallister Farm Award
Paterson Bursary | Scholarships
Paul Stewart Memorial Transportation Prize
R. A. (Bob) Bristow Memorial Scholarship
Rachel and Isaac Sair Scholarship
Rhoda Clarice Freeman and Kris Freeman Bursary
Robert and Lenore McGinnis Meritorious Student Award
Robert J. Parker Fellowship in Animal Science
Robert J. Parker Graduate Fellowship in Swine Science
Roderick McKenzie Scholarship
Rossnagel Scholarship
Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship
S. C. Stothers Award in Animal Science
Stefansson Award in Plant Science
Sydney L. Morantz Fund for Research in Poultry Science
Syngentra Graduate Scholarship
W. O. S. Meredith Fellowship for Barley Research
W.W. Thomson Scholarship
Westco Scholarship
Westgen Scholarship in Animal Science
William B. Malchy Graduate Fellowship
Winnipeg Commodity Exchange Graduate Fellowship
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