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Alberta Agriculture Scholarships

75th Anniversary Human Ecology Leadership Scholarship
75th Anniversary Nutrition and Food Science Leadership Scholarship
AAEA Master's Scholarship
AAEA Master's Scholarship
Adrian Van Gaalen Memorial Bursary in Agriculture
AFSC Scholarship
Agricultural / Food Business Management Scholarship
Agricultural Studies Book Prize
Agriculture Class of 1950 Bar None 2nd Year Leadership Award
Agriculture Class of 1950 Bar None 3rd Year Leadership Award
Agriculture Class of 1950 Bar None Entrance Leadership Award
Agriculture Class of 1964 Bar None Leadership Scholarship
AHA Dorothy Adamson Scholarship in Horticulture
AHEA Jane Carlyle Memorial Award
Al Brennan Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Forestry
Alan and Grace Hamilton Scholarship
Alberta Branch, Canadian Seed Growers Association Scholarship
Alberta Canola Producers Commission Award
Alberta Chicken Producers Awards
Alberta Egg Producers Undergraduate Prizes
Alberta Hatchery Association Leadership Award
Alberta Home Economics Association - Calgary Branch Scholarship
Alberta Home Economics Association Centennial Scholarship
Alberta Institute of Agrologists Scholarship
Alberta Poultry Industry Council Award
Alberta Poultry Industry Council Experiential Learning Award
Alberta Sustainable Resource Development Scholarship
Alberta Turkey Producers Scholarship
Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries 'Make a Difference' Scholarship
Alberta-Pacific Spring Field School Award
Alex and Norrie MacMillan Agricultural Scholarship
Alice E Brewer Graduate Travel Award
Amy M Coates Memorial Medal in Foods and Nutrition
Andrew Wynnyk Memorial Scholarship
Animal Nutrition Association of Canada-Alberta Division Scholarship
Anthony Fellowship in Human Nutrition
ATB Financial Scholarship
Audrey Dundas Award in Administrative Dietetics
Award for Undergraduate Exchange
Banff Kentucky Bluegrass Horticultural Conference Travel Award
Bar None Entrance Leadership Scholarships
Bar None Transfer Leadership Award
Bar None Undergraduate Leadership Awards
Bar None Undergraduate Leadership Scholarships
Bayer CropScience Award
Bentley Cropping Systems Fellowship
Betty Crown Graduate Scholarship in Textile and Apparel Science
Betty Luka Memorial Award
Beverley A Burns Scholarship in Veterinary Medicine
Beverley M Burns Scholarship
BJ McBain Scholarship
Brent and Dolores Andressen Award in Water Conservation and Environmental Science
Brett G Cortus Memorial Graduate Scholarship
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers Scholarship
Canadian Dairy Commission Graduate Scholarship
Canadian Dairy Commission Graduate Scholarship
Canadian Dairy Commission Scholarship
Canadian Institute of Forestry Rocky Mountain Section Book Prize
Canadian Wheat Board Scholarship
Canadian Wheat Board Scholarship
Canadian Wheat Board Scholarships
Cargill AgHorizons Award
Charles and Louise Malmberg Scholarship
Chattaway Rangeland Management Scholarship
Chelsy Shillington Memorial Field School Bursary
Chelsy Shillington Memorial Leadership Award
Chelsy Shillington Memorial Leadership Entrance Award
Christopher Bayduza Memorial Award
College of Alberta Professional Foresters Prize in Forest Measurements
College of Alberta Professional Foresters Prize in Silviculture
Commercial Solutions Inc Spring Camp Prize
Cy and Joan McAndrews Bar None Leadership Award
Dan Baker Scholarships
David and Marian Duggan Memorial Scholarship
David Angus Graham Memorial Scholarship
David Butchart Pope Entrance Leadership Scholarship
Desmond I Crossley Memorial Scholarship
Dianne Kieren Graduate Award in Human Ecology
Don and Ruth Clandinin Scholarship in Poultry Science
Donald A Shaw Memorial Graduate Scholarship
Donald McQ Shaver Undergraduate Research Travel Award
Doris Badir Graduate Research Fellowship in Human Ecology
Douglas Farquhar Johnston Bursaries
Dr Bruce Jeffery Canola Travel Award
Dr Elizabeth A Donald MSc Fellowship in Human Nutrition
Dr Ian GW Corns Memorial Graduate Scholarship
Dr Karl Ivarson Bar None Undergraduate Leadership Scholarship
Dr TW Grindley Memorial Bursary
Dr. Marshall Nelson Grant Memorial Award
Edmonton and District Quilters Guild Award
Edmonton Branch Alberta Institute of Agrologists Award in Agriculture
Elizabeth Anne Richards Award in Clothing and Textiles
Elizabeth Donald Bar None Scholarship
Elizabeth Donald Integrated Dietetic Internship Scholarship
Elizabeth Donald Scholarship
Elizabeth Russell MacEachran Scholarship
Ellen and Petrus Berg Family Bar None Award
Engberg Graduate Scholarship
Environmental and Conservation Sciences Scholarship
Eric R Berg Memorial Award
Ernest and Ellis Lewis Family Bar None Award
Ernest and Ellis Lewis Family Bar None Award in Agriculture and Agricultural/Food Business Management
Family Studies Scholarship
Forest Biology Scholarship
Forest Business Management Book Prize
Forest Industry Suppliers and Logging Association Award
Forest Society Award
Forestry and Forest Management Leadership Award
Forestry Memorial Scholarship
Frank A Coates Memorial Prize
Frank Aherne Graduate Scholarship in Swine Research
Frank Aherne Undergraduate Award
Frank Foulds Bar None Entrance Leadership Award
Frank M Jacobs Bar None Award
Gertrude Sharp Integrated Dietetic Internship Scholarship
Graham and Ethel Jones Memorial Undergraduate Scholarships
Growing Alberta Student Award
Harry J Hargrave Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Animal Science
Hazel McIntyre Scholarship
Hazel McIntyre Summer Research Award
Helen Bentley Bursary
Helen DeSilva Buchanan Memorial Graduate Scholarship
Helen Jeannette Raver Memorial Scholarship
Helen Moseson Samuel Scholarship
Henry Kroeger Memorial Graduate Scholarship
Henry Van Zeggelaar Scholarship
Herbert and Jeannette Hall Awards in Forestry
Herbert and Jeannette Hall Graduate Scholarship in Forestry
Hole's Greenhouses and Gardens Care and Nurture Leadership Scholarship
Honor Desiree Mooney Memorial Scholarship
Honourable Francis Charles Lynch-Staunton Memorial Entrance Leadership Scholarship
Household Economics Class of 1949 Scholarship
Household Economics Class of 1955 Internship/Practicum Award
Hussar Family Bar None Undergraduate Leadership Award
Ian Morrison Undergraduate Leadership Award
J Macgregor Smith Graduate Scholarship
Jake and Marilyn Ens Family Bar None Entrance Leadership Award
Jim Beck Prize in Forest Management
Joe and Mary Fraser Family Bar None Leadership Award
John and Freda Halas Memorial Scholarship
John and May Lockhart 'This Business of Farming' Bar None Award
John Cross Memorial Award
John Lilley Undergraduate Scholarship in Environmental Sciences
John M. Dalgarno Memorial Award
John M. Dalgarno Memorial Award
John Proskie Memorial Scholarship - Rural Economy
John Richard and Sam Copithorne Centennial Scholarship
Joy Ripley Alberta SPCA Scholarship in Animal Science
Kelly-Kennelly Bar None International Undergraduate Award
Ken and Lorraine Taylor and Family Bar None Leadership Award
Laird W McElroy Memorial Scholarship
Laverne Lewis Bar None Undergraduate Leadership Award
Len Bauer Bar None Undergraduate Leadership Scholarship
Lethbridge Real Estate Board Agricultural Award
Lillias Mary Isabella Milne Memorial Scholarship
Lloyd and Helen Raynard Family Scholarship
Mabel Patrick Scholarship
MacAllister Scholarship in Agriculture
MacHardy-Stephanson Award in Agricultural Engineering
Maple Leaf Foods Agribusiness Division Scholarship
Margo Fraser Memorial Scholarship
Marion Crosby McGill Memorial Bar None Scholarship
Mary (Davidson) Howard Bar None Award
Mary Jean Haug Memorial Award
Max MacLaggan Scholarship
Medal in Food Science
Michael Swan Memorial Scholarship
Monsanto Canada Opportunity Scholarship
Muriel Shortreed Scholarship
Myrna and Allen Snart Bar None International Undergraduate Scholarship
Norman and Helen Giffen Bar None Undergraduate Leadership Award
Oil Sands Reclamation Scholarship
Percy Clubine Memorial Scholarships
Perkins Family Bar None Award
Professor JB McQuitty Graduate Scholarship
Ralph and Isabel Steinhauer Scholarship
Ralph E Carlyle Bar None Leadership Scholarship
Richard Painter Memorial Scholarship
Robert David Sinclair Scholarship in Agriculture
Robert Simonet Graduate Scholarship
Robert Simonet Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship
Robert Simonet Travel Bursary
Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship
Roy Herbert Ennismore Scholarship in Agriculture
Rudelle Hall Graduate Scholarship
Ruminant Animal Digestive and Metabolism Graduate Scholarship
Ruminant Animal Digestive Physiology and Metabolism Travel Award
Ruth Renner Scholarship in Human Nutrition
Serecon Consulting Group Leadership Scholarship
Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Scholarship in Plant Science
Sheila M McLaggan Scholarship
SM Blair Scholarship
Stetson Scholarship in Agriculture
Syngenta Graduate Scholarship in Sustainable Agriculture
Toogood/Blanch Pioneer Heritage Bar None Award
Trent Bouchard Memorial Award
UFA Agriculture Award
Vera Richards Macdonald Entrance Leadership Scholarship
Walter and Myrtle Good Integrated Dietetic Scholarship
Walter and Myrtle Good Memorial Scholarship
Warren W and Ida E Prevey Memorial Medal
Wein Family International Travel Awards
West Fraser Forest Technology Transfer Award
West Fraser Forestry Award
West Fraser Forestry Leadership Award
West Fraser Timber Graduate Scholarship
Westgen Scholarship
Wetaskiwin Agricultural Society Leadership Awards
Weyerhaeuser Community Education Leadership Award
Wiebe Environmental Services Education Scholarship
William H McCardell Memorial Scholarship
Wood Science and Technology Prize
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