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The Pictsweet Company Jobs and Careers

Family-owned and family-run for four generations, The Pictsweet Company was built on commitment, forged from the kind of loyalty that comes from the heart. Our family tradition of hard work and commitment continues, and it has made Pictsweet one of the best growers and distributors of frozen vegetables in the United States. Since 1945, we’ve been serving your family the same vegetables we serve ours. Our family and company are rooted in the town of Bells, Tennessee, where we can remain dedicated to growing the best vegetables, picking them at just the right time and using the best practices to get them to vegetable lovers at their peak of flavor.


We are vertically integrated with our own agricultural division and manufacturing plants which differentiates us from our competitors.  The Pictsweet brand currently is in a strong #3 share position in the $4B+ frozen vegetable category. 

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