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Life Coaching is Becoming More Popular with Employees – This is Why
By Rich DeMatteo


Life coaching is becoming increasingly popular amongst today’s professionals, and as a result, more businesses are choosing to offer this as a perk in their workplace. This might be through offering coaching courses or hiring a coach to come in and work with their employees.


Either way, everyone is different and will get different things from this type of coaching. So where has this new trend come from? Below, we discuss why life coaching has become more popular amongst professionals and how this helps them to excel in their working life.


Allowing workers to focus on their career


Life coaching helps professionals to set career goals and recognise if there are any challenges that stand in their way of achieving these. This allows them dedicated time for reflecting on what they want from their career and within your business, and be proactive in taking steps towards reaching their goals.


Life can be busy and sometimes our job can feel like just another part of our daily routine. Coaching allows professionals to dedicate their time to reflecting and thinking about their career, and what it means to them.


Helping to empower professionals


This type of coaching can be extremely empowering and life affirming. When you’re busy, especially those with families and other huge commitments, it can be hard to find time to concentrate on your own needs and aspirations. Life coaching is a great way to take back control and it allows professionals to feel motivated both at work, and in their private lives.


For those seeking fulfilling careers


Nowadays, professionals aren’t just in it for the money. Gone are the days when a job was just a means to an end. Today’s professionals are looking for fulfilling careers and jobs that they are excited to get up for everyday. Life coaching can play a big role in this, helping them to fall even further in love with what they do and recognise why it is such an important part of their lives.


A platform for dealing with mental health


Mental health is still a taboo subject and is not something many people like to discuss openly. Yet so many people are suffering from these types of health problems. Life coaching can be a way of dealing with mental health, particularly in the workplace. It feels more acceptable for employees who may not have previously wanted to discuss their mental wellbeing at work, to address this through life coaching. It also helps them to ensure that their mental health isn’t causing them any problems at work or in their private lives. And if it is, it offers steps and support for dealing with these issues.


What’s more, wellness and self-development is something that today’s professionals are increasingly talking about. In fact, work-life balance has been a hot topic in recent years. And life coaching falls nicely into this category, allowing professionals to focus and reflect on every aspect of their lives, including getting the balance right between work and their private life.


Professionals are looking for guidance


While most of us are capable of looking after and motivating ourselves, sometimes it can be helpful to have the guidance of others. It’s helpful to have someone spurring you on and pushing you to strive for the next level of success. This is exactly the role of a life coach for many professionals, they want someone to make them accountable for their actions.


Furthermore, they want encouragement and support to keep working hard. Through life coaching they have someone pushing them to stay motivated and keep going, even through the tough times when it can be easy to give up if left to our own devices.


Why is life coaching popular with employees?


To sum up, the reason life coaching is so popular amongst today’s professionals is because it gives them a chance to reflect on their career so far, set new goals and put a plan in place to achieve these. Not only this, but it gives them dedicated time to work on themselves and ensures they keep driving forwards with their careers – especially when life gets hard or busy.