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How do You Know When it’s Time to Hire Your First Employee?
By Sonya Buck, Australia


Congratulations, you have a successful start-up business and are ‘kicking goals.’ You are doing so well your workload has increased and you believe it may be time to hire your first employee.

But how do you really know when it’s time to hire someone?



  1. You may be exhausted by working so many hours per week, your health is being impacted.

  2. You have been turning away work or orders because you don’t have the time to complete them.

  3. You may be missing client deadlines.

  4. There is not enough time to provide a high level of service or product for your clients.

  5. Are you just surviving, but not growing? You may be spending too much time on operational issues and not on sales growth.

  6. There just aren’t enough hours in a day and you are not getting everything done.

  7. You may be receiving client complaints.

  8. There are expansion opportunities, but you don’t have the staff resources to free you up to pursue them.

  9. You may need a particular expertise that you don’t have yourself.


Before arriving at the decision to hire someone, consider if you are working effectively and you may be able to make some changes to address efficiency. Alternatively, if you don’t have the amount of work to hire some, you could outsource some work until you have the hours for an employee.

Remember when hiring a new staff member their work must contribute to the income of the business, either directly or by freeing you up to achieve growth.