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Ag Jobs – Where is the Money?


By Sonya Buck, Australia


Could you afford to work for free? Unless you've recently won the jackpot or property in central sydney, we all know we would answer this question.


Salary can be a major factor when choosing an employment role, but lets' put money aside for a moment. Forbes magazine recently shared a survey which reported that 'Attractive Fixed Salary' comes in at No. 8 in terms of happiness in employment. The other remaining key issues for employees were: 



 1   Appreciation for your work
 2   Good relationships with colleagues
 3   Good work-life balance
 4   Good relationships with superiors
 5   Company’s financial stability
 6   Learning and career development
 7   Job security
 8   Attractive fixed salary
 9   Interesting job content
 10   Company values


One certainty is that intangible benefits such as ‘appreciation of your work’ will not pay your mortgage or put food on the table, so it’s important to be aware of the remuneration for each occupation in order to meet financial commitments and make lifestyle decisions.


The Agricultural industry provides so many different employment positions, all with differing remuneration rates. Should you be considering a career change, contemplating a study path or just benchmarking your current salary, being familiar with the income on offer is essential.


Here are some of the Australian Agriculture and Support Service remuneration rates:


 Agricultural Technicians  $ 54,498               Research & Development Manager  $ 83,128
 Agricultural Engineer  $ 60,000               Sales Associate  $ 44,547
 Agronomist  $ 57,689               Sales – Account Manager  $ 59,755
 Area Sales Manager  $ 68,434               Supply Chain Planner  $ 70,401
 Business Development Executive  $ 59,599               Supply Chain Manager  $ 100,994
 Farm Workers (Crops/Livestock)  $ 42,370               Technical Services Manager  $ 96,883
 Farm Manager  $ 55,788               Territory Sales Representative  $ 52,778
 Marketing Manager  $ 76,632               Timber Product Manf. – Operations Mgr  $ 80,000
 Production Supervisor  $ 65,445               Timber Product Manf. – Office Manager  $ 44,682





                                         Source 1 July 2015


Agricultural employment may provide some benefits that other occupations do not offer. You could enjoy working outdoors, the type of people you meet, working with animals, living the rural lifestyle and factors like these should also be considered when choosing next position or study pathway.


Whatever your employment motivation, just remember the old adage ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’ definitely rings true not just in Agriculture, but for all industries.


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