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Making A Great First Impression:  How To Impress Your Employer


by Mark McKown, Marketing Intern and University of Illinois Student


In the world of today’s emerging agribusiness men and women one thing reigns supreme: impressing future employers and supervisors. Many job seekers have nervously attended those career fairs looking for their first full-time employment or even an internship to kick-start their experience. Many have anxiously waited for the first day on a job site.


The time has come and they really need to make a difference in the eyes of their supervisor so that the employer knows they hired the right employee for the company. But how does one accomplish this task? How can new employees get a legup on peers and make that solid first impression to gain the appreciation deserved?


When looking for the answer there are ten simple solutions employees should implement to impress an employer. These are not time consuming skills that require demanding practice. They are called simple for a reason.


Previous experience and education have provided intelligence in the area, quality preparation for the job, and the ability to show that you can work with others. This should not be forgotten!


Now, all that is needed is to follow these few guidelines and make the difference from good to great.


Here are ten solutions to help start off a new job on the right foot.


Confidence: Convey to an employer a passion and drive to succeed. With confidence comes respect, and that is something every employer should have in their employee and vice versa.


Do the Homework: Study and review the company and employer. Look up their web site and public information. Prior knowledge will come in handy through the training process as well as the overall transition into a new job.


Get to Know the Manager: Be able to provide educational and interesting conversation with an employer. Talk about common interests and make a connection to work off of throughout employment.



Be on Time! Do not show up late to work. Take the steps necessary to get up on time, prepare yourself for the day, and come to work alert and ready.


Dress to Impress: Go to work dressed as a professional in order to be treated like a professional. Illustrate a readiness for work to fellow co-workers in what is worn. The dress of a new employee does not go unnoticed.


Understand it All: If an employer assigns a project and it seems very open to interpretation, ask questions! Make sure a similar vision is shared between employer and employee. Seek the information not found through references and resources provided. Look to fellow colleagues, internet, even friends so that success comes easy in all that is assigned.


Honesty is the Best Policy: Provide the company with the truth. They will respect strong character and integrity. If you have feedback share it in a positive light. In most situations the employer will appreciate the feedback.


Be Unique, Make “You” Stand Out: Whenever working on a project alone or in a group, be able to provide personality into what is being completed.


Smile! Happiness can illustrate an appreciation and excitement both to be with the company and to be working with an employer. Plus, it is super easy; just smile. This will lighten the mood among co-workers and show evidence of teamwork, cooperation, and overall business functionality.


Always Be Prepared: Every situation is a learning situation. Have a pen and paper handy to be able to take notes from others and be ready for any situation. Also, have some sort of filing system to organize materials acquired.


When looking into these solutions there is an underlying theme: respect. All of these solutions provide a foundation for a respectful working environment.


When beginning to work for a company, one must earn their position; a company helped expand your experience and knowledge in selecting you for the job and now it is time to return the favor.


Respect is a great demonstration of commitment and character expected in employees.